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Ping-Yu PAN

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Forever Natural

Between the human and the nature, a harmonization of cultural relationship the myth reveals I believe has coped with a creative, narrative logic to the mind of a primitive, mutual-belonging, interactive relationship. And my work is just exploring the relationship between the myth and the contemporary life.

Early Work (1993-1998): Exploring Human Being・s Inner Mind

The early practice, my motifs were apt to involve with Passion originated from the human・s Inner Mind and Nature. These were individual and random to express what I doubted about or something touching in my life exposure.
I had some questions which people might have had, for instance, :What does being existence mean?; :What would be the status of our existence?;

In 1993, the work named Doubt, Existence, Mushroom Cloud, made when I was a junior during my undergraduate program. The work expresses my doubts about life with the aspects of the purpose of existence.
In 1995, Innocence Temple, somehow it expresses the remembrances of the feeling about the life of childhood; but in other layer of my idea, I just wonder what has happened to our minds in transformation from the childhood full of innocence to the being adult full of consciousness.
In 1998, I started a series of work named Clothes of Consciousness. Within six years, two of four pieces in the series made are the quite same in shape like a real mushroom cloud, but different in position. The whole idea is inspired into my early work, Doubt, Existence, Mushroom Cloud, to develop the different aspects in such an idea.
Innocence Temple is a romantic ceremony in memory of childhood; Clothes of Consciousness series are my observations to the status of mankind・s existence. Each piece of the Clothes of Consciousness is as flying as floating souls in the air, cells-like structures, briar-like in tangling, and suffering from linking. The structure of Clothes of Consciousness implies the conception of .unfinished.・ They could be deconstructed in transforming or in weaving the live intensely.
There is an old American Indian Saying: :Be careful while weaving the blanket, it has to be an imperfection, with an exit for your soul.;
The forming of the consciousness is constructed by the experience, thought and knowledge in life gathered in the progress of linking and tangling, mixed with the joy and pain; it became a cloth just like our soul and spirit tightened-up.
Clothes of Consciousness is always beautiful, and we cannot even abandon them with their priceless. We could be not aware of their weight, or their weaving in mistakes while they・re growing what they・re, or we ever not question about them.
With being combined in way of mystery, Doubt, Existence, Mushroom Cloud (1993), an organic, nature form in the appearance of mushroom cloud, has a doubt in an existence of human being, and even to predict the development of the series Clothes of Consciousness in the future,
Ping-Yu PAN
1, Hsueh - Yuan Rd., Peitou112, Taipei
Department of Fine Arts, Taipei National Univ. of the Arts


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