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26POSITIONS Berlin 1-3 May 2015
Berlin 1-3 May 2015

From May 1-3 we are offering a new platform for Berlin’s galleries and art loving visitors: 26POSITIONS. With their openings and exhibitions 26 galleries are giving an insight into the current art scene of Berlin. On all three days a free shuttle bus reaches the galleries several times on a round-trip.

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BEERS, London presents CLINTON HAYDEN Clinton Hayden, Relic (2015)
24 April - 30 May, 2015

Beers is pleased to present Objects for Rebels & Lovers, the first solo exhibition by Australian artist Clinton Hayden, presenting the artist’s multi-disciplinary practice and unique method of working, in which the artist acts as archivist, documentarian, storyteller, and librarian. Investigating themes of desire, intimacy and longing, Hayden’s practice incorporates a method of working through repetition, note-making, and a type of comprehensive image-making which builds immersive, serial, and analogue idea sites for the exploration of ideas.

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GALERIE CHRISTIAN LETHERT, Cologne presents HUBERT KIECOL Hubert Kiecol, Ich brauche Zeit [I Need Time] (1998)
17 April - 30 May, 2015

Hubert Kiecol is well known for his sculptural work, which has been contributing to the development of contemporary sculpture for years. His objects and installations are characterized by a clear and reduced form language based on fundamental forms and materials of architecture.

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YANCEY RICHARDSON, New York presents JITKA HANZLOVA Jitka Hanzlová, Untitled, 2011
19 March - 2 May, 2015

As Jesus Carrillo Castillo notes in his essay for the retrospective catalog Jitka Hanzlová, “Images of horses in the media and in the collective imagination, where they have evolved since childhood, are much more deep-rooted than our experience of the actual animal... Hanzlová’s photographs set out to return to a state in which the depiction of the horse is united with an intense experience of it and to a time when the experience of the horse was in turn linked to many other, equally lost experiences.”

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galerie laurent mueller, Paris presents Magali Daniaux & Cédric Pigot Richard Fauguet, Bivalve & Monocouche
31 March - 30 April, 2015

The artist duo Magali Daniaux and Cédric Pigot has been developing profoundly polymorph work for several years. from sculpture to monumental installation, via collage, audio poetry, creating scents or digital pieces, their work knows no boundaries. More and more, the adopted forms are becoming immaterial in order to embrace subjects that relate to anthropological reflexions upon habitat and the commodification of the living.

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Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art, New York presents RON DIORIO Ron Diorio, Rainy Day, 2005
1 April - 26 April, 2015

Better Days is a series of twenty-three photographs taken over a ten-year period in an array of locations including New York City, London and Delhi. Ron Diorio photographs with a cell phone camera. However, unlike the ubiquitous cell phone pictures that we’ve all become accustomed to, Diorio is working with one of the earliest model phones that featured a camera.

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THE BREEDER, Athens presents SOCRATIS SOCRATOUS Socratis Socratous, Six open gates and a closed one
3 April - 16 May, 2015

THE BREEDER presents Socratis Socratous first solo show with the gallery entitled “Six open gates and a closed one”. The exhibition consists of new cast bronze sculptures that refer to the National Garden in Athens and the symbolisms it bears as a microcosm of Greece.

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PREMIO COMBAT PRIZE 2015 Call for applications for PREMIO COMBAT PRIZE 2015 Application deadline extended: 9th May 2015

Call for submissions now open for the sixth edition of PREMIO COMBAT PRIZE, an international contest devoted to the constant pursuit of different paths and talents which characterize contemporary art.

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Marc Jancou Contemporary, Geneva presents
TORSTEN SLAMA Torsten Slama, Second Order Christian Worship Center, 2013 19 March - 26 May, 2015

Torsten Slama suspends the rules of physics in favor of his poetic imagination. In Slama’s world, floating geometric shapes can effortlessly co-exist with modernist architecture and sci-fi landscapes. His subjects are consistently architectural and mechanical, and noticeable absent of humans.

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Griffin Gallery Open 2015 Call for applications for Griffin Gallery Open 2015 Application deadline: 25th May 2015

- Winsor & Newton painting prize - £1,000 and £3,000 in art materials.

- Liquitex acrylic painting prize - £1,000 and £3,000 in art materials.

- Conté à Paris drawing prize - £1,000 and £3,000 in art materials.

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Team (bungalow), Los Angeles presents
ANDREW GBUR Andrew Gbur, Untitled, 2015 05 April - 03 May, 2015

For his debut Los Angeles exhibition, Andrew Gbur presents new pieces from his ongoing series of face paintings. The artist employs a dramatically reduced visual vocabulary to evoke in crude but instantly recognizable terms the human visage. Form remains consistent throughout the body of work: a crescent indicates a smiling mouth, a rough triangle stands for the nose, and two almond-shapes suggest eyes.

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POSITIONS BERLIN Apply now for the POSITIONS BERLIN Art Fair Application deadline: 24th April 2015

From September 17 to 20, 2015 the second edition of POSITIONS BERLIN Art Fair will take place as a part of the Berlin Art Week. After a successful launch in 2014, we have set ourselves this year the aim to track timeliness and quality of the international art scene.

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Thomas Erben Gallery, New York presents
ROSE WYLIE Rose Wylie, Blue Horse with Girl, 2013 2 April - 9 May, 2015

In Rose Wylie’s work, people, animals and objects - unlabored, but very complete - combine with patches of color and bits of painted text. These elements come from a variety of sources: cinema, newspapers, tabloids, television, art history, and people she meets. Often working from memory, Wylie is not interested in overarching themes or stories ? her focus is on the particular, the detail, the specific visual moment that made an emotional impact and stuck in her mind.

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Black & White Gallery / Project Space, New York presents
HENRY KHUDYAKOV Henry Khudyakov, Applications, 1985-1990 6 March - 3 May, 2015

Henry Khudyakov: Final Brain Storm is the first comprehensive solo exhibition in 25 years of this radical, Russian-American artist who has enjoyed recognition for some time but until now has exhibited relatively rarely. The exhibition title, Final Brain Storm, is drawn from the inscription on the back of one of Khudyakov’s paintings where he routinely documents his ongoing process.

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