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GALERIA LEME, São Paulo presents ZILVINAS KEMPINAS Image: Zilvinas Kempinas
17 November, 2015 - 9 January, 2016

Verticals is an installation of unspooled VHS tape, constituting the entire gallery space, evenly dividing and filling it symmetrically. It is a controlled environment, defined by uniformity and monotonous order. Despite its geometry, Verticals sustains a kinetic character and occasionally is animated by natural air circulation in the gallery or by vortexes of air caused by passing visitors. Once the air calms down, the piece comes back to its original stance.

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Galerie Isabelle Gounod, Paris presents ERIC RONDEPIERRE Eric Rondepierre, DSL 27, 2015
31 October - 19 December, 2015

The series of photographs by Eric Rondepierre called “DSL” offers us images whose process is not unlike some previous series by the artist. Except that “ DSL deformations,” according to Etienne Hatt2, “are no longer alterations of film material as in Précis de décomposition (1993-1995) or Moires (1996-1998), but glitches, brief disruptions of the digital stream. Images are frozen or collide, forms distend or blur.

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Union Gallery, London presents JAMES HOPKINS James Hopkins, The Mirror’s Mirror, Installation shot, Union Gallery
11 September - 28 November, 2015

James Hopkins typically effects a double shift through the poetry of objects. First, we wonder at a contradiction achieved. How is it that one thing is turned to its opposite – black into white, heavy into light, word into antonym, abstraction into representation? The puzzle provides an instant diversion, and the answers - double reflection, magnetism, tricks of balance, anamorphosis - are interesting in themselves. But then comes the second shift: what does the paradox and deception tell us about the world?

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RESOURCE EXTRACTION CORP Resource Extraction Corp, Showroom, 2015

Resource Extraction Corp is a web-based, conceptual art project. It is an investigation and reflection upon the notions of commerce, art as commodity, the rhetoric of philosophical language, the absurd and humor. It is a realization of the shifting methods by which a viewer relates to and interacts with art within the media; how the mass viewing of art work is realized on-line, the digital realm. This project is non-specific in location, time and person and is in perpetual development.

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Galerie Isabella Czarnowska, Berlin presents MARKUS DÖBELI Markus Döbeli, Painting, 1989
18 September - 21 November, 2015

The painterly act of Döbeli is alienated to notions such as style or ar tistic signature. Neither a projection of an idea, nor a procedure, Döbeli’s painting undermines both the model of subjective handwriting, and the model of systematized production.

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Galerie Christian Lethert, Cologne presents
GEREON KREBBER Installation view, Galerie Christian Lethert, Cologne, Image: Simon Vogel, Cologne 30 October - 19 December, 2015

Have you just entered a gallery or are you in the midst of a circus stage? Will the molecule-like construction start rotating or will one of Krebber’s other objects come alive in the next minutes and jump through these rings? Curiosity and horror, repulsion and attraction, the physical and the fantastic intermingle in the room. Lurking in the background is a subtle, tension-filled disturbance - as if something “un-dead” might come to life immediately.

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studio 1.1, London presents
MARCUS COPE Marcus Cope, Slip Up, 2015 5 - 29 November, 2015

...a painting of a painting leaning. Self circular, the items in the foreground, the jar of turps and brushes, the paint tube, the sketchbook were sitting like that on my studio floor in front of the painting as I was painting them, and then within the picture within the picture they are there separated, and painted as preparatory drawings pinned to the wall. The painting on the right in contrast, drawn out. Featuring two more paintings, the painter showing up for the only time in any of these pictures, it is me of course, but headless, or somehow my head lost in the cloud in the painting behind.

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WMA Commission 2015/16 - IDENTITY WMA Commission 2015/16 - IDENTITY Deadline: January 15.2016

The WMA Commission invites entries for proposals from artists and photographers from both Hong Kong and the international community. The Commission recipient will be invited to create new photo-based work in Hong Kong, focusing on the theme of IDENTITY. Project proposals must contextually relate to both the theme IDENTITY and to HONG KONG. A four-member Selection Panel will choose the WMA Commission recipient, who will be awarded a HKD$250,000 grant which will contribute towards production of the successful proposal and a public event featuring the completed work. The call for proposals is open to all local and international applicants. The WMA Commission is a part of the WYNG Masters Award programme.

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MAUREEN PALEY, London presents
LIAM GILLICK Liam Gillick, When Do We Need More Tractors? Five Plans, 1999 12 October - 22 November, 2015

A truly isolated investigator is impossible (...). An isolated investigator without bias and tradition, without forces of mental society acting upon him, and without the effect of the evolution of that society, would be blind and thoughtless. Thinking is a collective activity (...). Its product is a certain picture, which is visible only to anybody who takes part in this social activity, or a thought which is also clear to the members of the collective only. What we do think and how we do see depends on the thought-collective to which we belong - Ludwik Fleck, 1935

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