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Manifest Creative Research Gallery presents PERCEPTUAL PAINTERS | 6th Annual NUDE | REGIONAL SHOWCASE: SCULPTURE

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16 Aug 2014 to 12 Sept 2014
2-7 tu-fri, 12-5 sat
2727 Woodburn Avenue
East Walnut Hills
Cincinnati, OH
North America
T: +1 513-861-3638

perceptual painters
david campbell

Artists in this exhibition: David Campbell, Tim Conte, Matt Klos, John Lee, Aaron Lubrick, Scott Noel, Andrew Patterson-Tutschka, Carolyn Pyfrom, Erin Raedeke, Brian Rego, Neil Riley, Peter Van Dyck, Tom Walton, Rob Anderson, Daniel O'Connor, Scott Ramming, Emil Robinson, Tyler Wilkinson, Tom Bartel, Alexandra Bloch, Meghan Flynn, Martha Gaustad, Samantha Haring, Lucas James, Molly Kaderka, Daniel Maidman, Dora Natella, Elizabeth Reagh, Debra Small, Judy Takács, Sheldon Tapley, Kendric Tonn, Duat Vu, Tim Waite, Stefan Chinov, Mark Hanavan, Ben Lock, Elizabeth Runyon, Gary Schmitt, Hunter Stamps, Travis Townsend, Jason Tanner Young

A Contemporary Movement

Opening Reception: Friday, August 15, 2014, 6-9pm
during Walk on Woodburn

Central Gallery + North Gallery

Exhibit continues: August 16 - September 12, 2014
Facebook event (Opening):


This exhibition of paintings by two groups of artists sharing a common approach to their art making is one of six selected from among 165 proposals submitted for consideration for Manifest's tenth season.

Manifest is proud to showcase this tour de force of perceptual painting, and to welcome thirteen artists from the Perceptual Painters collective to Cincinnati. The exhibit, proposed by David Campbell, was conceived to explore and celebrate the common ground shared between the Perceptual Painters group, all from outside the Cincinnati area with many either from, or having crossed paths in, Philadelphia, with a group of five artists currently or originally from the Cincinnati area. Furthermore, it pleases us to share that the five artists in the 'Cincinnati Group' are Manifest alum, having exhibited at the gallery or instructed courses or led life drawing sessions in our Madisonville Drawing Center program over many years. Most continue to be involved in our programming today. The outreach of the Perceptual Painters to invite these artists in our own community to share in this exhibition suggests Cincinnati has a part in this important contemporary movement, and that Manifest has fostered a rich environment in which this can happen.

In his exhibition proposal David Campbell stated:
The common theme that binds both groups together is that we paint from observation and value the experience of "looking". The work submitted by each artist is a response to his or her gaze, which while very personal, can also invoke a universal recognition.

In describing their group's philosophy the Perceptual Painters state:
For Perceptual Painters, observation is not an end but rather a beginning point for an emotional, formal, and imaginative statement of exploration. We believe in the responsive energy that comes from painting directly in front of the motif: the give and take between painter and subject, painter and painting.

The Perceptual Painters exhibition includes 24 works by 18 artists.


David Campbell
Media, Pennsylvania

Tim Conte
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Matt Klos
Sparrows Point, Maryland

John Lee
Williamsburg, Virginia

Aaron Lubrick
Louisville, Kentucky

Scott Noel
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Andrew Patterson-Tutschka
Sacramento, California

Carolyn Pyfrom
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Erin Raedeke
Gaithersburg, Maryland

Brian Rego
Columbia, South Carolina

Neil Riley
Columbus, Ohio

Peter Van Dyck
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tom Walton
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Rob Anderson
Park Hills, Kentucky

Daniel O'Connor
Miami, Florida

Scott Ramming
Cincinnati, Ohio

Emil Robinson
Cincinnati, Ohio

Tyler Wilkinson
Bloomington, Indiana

6th Annual
18 Works by 16 Artists from 11 States

Drawing Room + Parallel Space


Manifest exhibits many kinds of works, from more conceptual and experimental art to the traditional. In fact we think it's important to have such a range in our repertoire. It is something that Manifest is known for. Our annual projects allow us the chance to track how artists around the world address a consistent theme, subject, or media over time, or allow us to document the state of art in a particular strata of professional creative activity, and to study and preserve our findings in a meaningful way through our publications and website.

NUDE is one such project. The human body is a popular subject for many reasons, the most obvious being that it is us. Throughout history the representation of the human form has been charged with tremendous energy, both positive and negative. Whether it be a religious edict that one 'shalt not' depict the human form, a taboo, or the glorious opposite, a revelation of mastery over form in the crafting of sensuous and life-like physical human beauty, the art of the body has nevertheless moved us through time.

Through all the permutations art has experienced across history, work of the body persists. We use the human nude to master skill, understand ourselves, and push social and psychological buttons for the sake of expression (sensual, delicate, aggressive, and so on). We intend for Manifest's ongoing annual NUDE project to explore how our collective body is used today in art to achieve these goals and more.

This year we were excited to renew our invitation to artists to submit works in any media, of any style or genre (abstract, conceptual, highly realistic, etc.), and of any size and media, for consideration in Manifest's sixth annual NUDE, an international competitive exhibit exploring the uncovered human form in current art.

Manifest's several-member jury reviewed 425 works by 167 artists from 32 states and 8 countries. Eighteen works by the following 16 artists from 11 states were selected for exhibition and will also be featured in the Manifest Exhibition Annual publication (MEA) at the close of the season.

Presenting works by:

Tom Bartel
Athens, Ohio

Alexandra Bloch
Raleigh, North Carolina

Meghan Flynn
Council Bluffs, Iowa

Martha Gaustad
Toledo, Ohio

Samantha Haring
DeKalb, Illinois

Lucas James
Milford, New Hampshire

Molly Kaderka
Kansas City, Missouri

Daniel Maidman
Brooklyn, New York

Dora Natella
Granger, Indiana

Elizabeth Reagh
Brooklyn, New York

Debra Small
Sacramento, California

Judy Takács
Solon, Ohio

Sheldon Tapley
Danville, Kentucky

Kendric Tonn
Wooster, Ohio

Duat Vu
Springfield, Missouri

Tim Waite
Halifax, Massachusetts

Works by 8 artists from Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana

Main Gallery

In its first nine seasons Manifest's projects included works by artists in 49 states and 37 countries. Starting with its 10th season, and as a result of our recent gallery expansion by 66%, Manifest launched a new ongoing series of exhibits focusing on works by artists living in its own three-state region.

This is intended to complement the ordinarily very wide geographical makeup of most Manifest exhibits with a closer look at what's being done here, now, in our own backyard.

Manifest was founded, and continues to be operated by regional artists, so it is only fitting that, with more space in which to program, the organization should offer the Regional Showcase series. We feel this is important for the artists and the public living within reasonable driving distance of the gallery. It will give each a chance to show and share, and to gain perspective on our region's creative wealth as it relates to the broader art world.

For this third in the series, which will change in theme and scope from show to show, we opted to survey the region for works of sculpture.

Manifest's several-member blind jury process reviewed 127 works by 54 artists. Nine works by the following 8 artists were selected for exhibition and will also be featured in the Manifest Exhibition Annual publication (MEA) at the close of the season.

Presenting works by:

Stefan Chinov
Dayton, Ohio

Mark Hanavan
Middletown, Ohio

Ben Lock
Bowling Green, Ohio

Elizabeth Runyon
Oxford, Ohio

Gary Schmitt
Indianapolis, Indiana

Hunter Stamps
Lexington, Kentucky

Travis Townsend
Lexington, Kentucky

Jason Tanner Young
Athens, Ohio

This exhibit opening also serves as the open studio reception for the two new Manifest Artists in Residence, Taylor Woolwine and Christina Weaver.


General Info:

FREE PUBLIC ARTIST'S RECEPTION: Friday, August 15, 6-9 p.m.
Refreshments will be served, in-part sponsored by the Echo Restaurant
(this will be the 83rd Manifest reception featuring Echo Restaurant fare!)

WALK ON WOODBURN - CINCINNATI'S INSTANT ARTS DISTRICT!: visit galleries, shops, and restaurants all along Woodburn Avenue, all with special events and fare for the evening.

SAY HELLO TO TWO MANIFEST ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE (MAR): At every opening reception for the next year, the MAR space and new Resident Artists Christina Weaver and Taylor Wooline will be open for visits, discussion, and viewing of their recent and ongoing work in their one-year Manifest residencies. This will be the first chance for the public to meet these two artists, originally from Alabama and West Virginia respectively, as they launch their one-year programs with Manifest.


GALLERY HOURS (free admission): Tuesday through Friday 12 – 7:00 p.m., Sat. 12 – 5 p.m.
or by appointment for groups - school groups welcome and encouraged

LOCATION: 2727 Woodburn Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206
(Just south of Madison Rd. at DeSales Corner in East Walnut Hills.)

PARKING: On street and parking across the street in DeSales Business Parking Lot

CONTACT: Jason Franz, Manifest Executive Director at

GALLERY PHONE: 513-861-3638


A NEW HARDCOVER MANIFEST EXHIBITION ANNUAL PUBLICATION WILL DOCUMENT EVERY EXHIBIT OF THE SEASON: Members at the Craftsman or Artist level will have the option to get this large-format book for free. Pre-orders will begin soon!


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