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Manifest Creative Research Gallery presents SCIENTIFICOUS | In the Body of the World | SCHISM

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23 Jan 2015 to 20 Feb 2015
2-7 tu-fri, 12-5 sat
2727 Woodburn Avenue
East Walnut Hills
Cincinnati, OH
North America
T: +1 513-861-3638

Anders Gramer

Artists in this exhibition: Victoria Fuller, Juan Gomez-Perales, Jay Gould, Anders Gramer, Brandice Guerra, William Haney, Daniel Kariko, Kent Krugh, Jean-Claude Lajeunie, Matthew Lee, Anna Lindemann, Maria Mangano, Kenneth Millington, Joe Muench, Mark Nystrom, Kathleen Taylor, Dorothea Van Camp, Dave Wagner, Mary Wagner, Stig Weston, Bryan Christie, Nathaniel Foley, M Tobias Hall, Melissa Hall, David Hicks, Blazo Kovacevic, Steven Subotnick, Michael Tole

Science in Art & the Art of Science

Main Gallery + Drawing Room

Powerful or beautiful imagery often results from non-artistic processes. Likewise, works of art sometimes examine techniques or concepts by implementing scientific methods, or feature data originally resulting from science as subject matter. Throughout history art and science have been kindred outgrowths of human endeavor. While some may say they are polar opposites we propose that art and science simply occupy two ends of a continuum, across which a rich and vibrant dialogue of interaction and discovery can result. This can lead to unpredictable, truly remarkable, and humanly relevant results. With this in mind we offered this call to artists, scientists, and others for works that explore the idea of science resulting in artistic artifacts, as well as artwork that employs or is generated by a scientific process. All manner of interpretations of this theme were welcome.

Works include two videos, paintings, sculpture, photography, drawing, printmaking, and a global installation/drawing.

Manifest's several-member blind jury process reviewed 360 works by 120 artists from 31 states and 9 countries. Twenty-five works by the following 20 artists from 13 states and 4 countries including Norway, England, Canada, and the United States were selected for exhibition and will also be featured in the Manifest Exhibition Annual publication (MEA) at the close of the season.

Presenting works by:

Victoria Fuller
Chicago, Illinois

Juan Gomez-Perales
Montreal, Canada

Jay Gould
Baltimore, Maryland

Anders Gramer
London, United Kingdom

Brandice Guerra
Arcata, California

William Haney
Hillsborough, New Jersey

Daniel Kariko
Greenville, North Carolina

Kent Krugh
Fairfield, Ohio

Jean-Claude Lajeunie
Quebec, Canada

Matthew Lee
Middleton, Wisconsin

Anna Lindemann
Boston, Massachusetts

Maria Mangano
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Kenneth Millington
Brooklyn, New York

Joe Muench
Ames, Iowa

Mark Nystrom
Boone, North Carolina

Kathleen Taylor
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dorothea Van Camp
Boston, Massachusetts

Dave Wagner
Sterling, Colorado

Mary Wagner
Chicago, Illinois

Stig Weston
Oslo, Norway

In the Body of the World
Paintings by Bryan Christie

Free Public Artist's Talk: Saturday, January 24, 5pm
Parallel Space

This solo exhibition of Bryan Christie's paintings is one of eleven selected from among 199 proposals submitted for consideration for Manifest's current season.

In the Body of the World provides a visceral experience of abstract painterly form, conceptual reflection about the human body, and the merging of technical processes from antiquity to the modern day. Through thoughtful balance of concept and process Christie develops a powerful set of objects (and imagery) which we are very proud to showcase at Manifest.
Of his work Christie states:

"This exhibit explores the spectrum of human experience: from trauma to transcendence, from the concrete to the abstract. I believe that our lives start with trauma as we are brought into the world from the safety of our mother's womb. We eventually die, experiencing the loss of all that is dear to us. Yet transcendence and the experience of the sublime are rooted in this fleeting material existence. The divine is made evident through tangible and sensual experience; without our physical selves, we would not experience moments of wonder and the mysterious."

Video with Christie discussing his process and ideas:

Born and raised in New York City, Bryan Christie is an award- winning artist whose work has been exhibited internationally and featured in such publications as The New York Times, The New Yorker, TIME, WIRED, and Esquire. Bryan Christie's work is influenced by his unique background as a jazz musician, as an art director for Scientific American magazine, and as a child growing up around the turpentine and oil paints of his mother's art studio. His artwork investigates science's relationship to art—how the arts and sciences attempt to explain and give meaning to our world using logic, intuition, and emotion. His aesthetic focuses on the essential structures of the body and demonstrates awe in how it functions and is put together through nature's remarkable intelligence.

Christie's work was last exhibited at Manifest in Fresh Paint during Season 10 and will also included in Manifest's forthcoming International Painting Annual 5.

Art About Conflict

Central Gallery + North Gallery

noun, a split or division between strongly opposed sections or parties, caused by differences in opinion or belief.

One might say life itself is a product of conflict. History is riven by it, as is our present-day society. Species vie, nations war, couples fight, ideologies clash—the list goes on. As a force of existence conflict is neutral, but as a force of humanity this is rarely the case. Results of conflict vary, from the horrendous to the miraculous, from destruction to creation. Nevertheless it is an integral part of any evolutionary process and therefore progress. With these thoughts in mind we offered this call to artists for works of art that involve the idea of conflict.

Works include three videos to be looped continuously in the Central Gallery screening room, sculpture, painting, drawing, and photography/mixed media.

Manifest's blind jury process reviewed 225 works by 93 artists from 28 states and 5 countries. Eight works by the following 7 artists from 7 states were selected for exhibition and will also be featured in the Manifest Exhibition Annual publication (MEA) at the close of the season.

Presenting works by:

Nathaniel Foley
Findlay, Ohio

M Tobias Hall
Schaumburg, Illinois

Melissa Hall
Lexington, Kentucky

David Hicks
Indianapolis, Indiana

Blazo Kovacevic
Vestal, New York

Steven Subotnick
Providence, Rhode Island

Michael Tole
Tempe, Arizona


General Info:

FREE PUBLIC ARTIST'S RECEPTION: Friday, January 23, 6-9 p.m.
Refreshments will be served, in-part sponsored by the Echo Restaurant
(this will be the 86th Manifest reception featuring Echo Restaurant fare!)

FREE PUBLIC ARTIST'S TALK (Bryan Christie): Saturday, January 24, 5 p.m.

WALK ON WOODBURN - CINCINNATI'S INSTANT ARTS DISTRICT!: visit galleries, shops, and restaurants all along Woodburn Avenue, all with special events and fare for the evening.

* MEET THE TWO MANIFEST ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE (MAR): At every opening reception the MAR space and new Resident Artists Christina Weaver and Taylor Wooline will be open for visits, discussion, and viewing of their recent and ongoing work in their one-year Manifest residencies. This will be another chance for the public to meet these two artists, originally from Alabama and West Virginia respectively, as they continue their one-year programs with Manifest.


GALLERY HOURS (free admission): Tuesday through Friday 12 – 7:00 p.m., Sat. 12 – 5 p.m. or by appointment - school groups welcome and encouraged

LOCATION: 2727 Woodburn Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206
(Just south of Madison Rd. at DeSales Corner in East Walnut Hills.)

PARKING: On street and parking across the street in DeSales Business Parking Lot and in public lot between Myrtle and Madison.

CONTACT: Jason Franz, Manifest Executive Director at

GALLERY PHONE: 513-861-3638


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