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Manifest Creative Research Gallery presents DRAWN | BORDER CREATURES | A VIEW OF NOWHERE

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17 Apr 2015 to 15 May 2015
2-7 tu-fri, 12-5 sat
2727 Woodburn Avenue
East Walnut Hills
Cincinnati, OH
North America
T: +1 513-861-3638

Darren Marsh

Artists in this exhibition: Lindsey Aleman, Kelly Borsheim, Sue Bryan, Katherine Cox, Amir Hariri, Daisie Hoitsma, Margaret Hopkins, Lori Johnson, Patti Jordan, Jean LeCluyse, Tim Main, Free Marseille, Darren Marsh, Ryota Matsumoto, Taylor Mazer, Zach Mory, Jack Nixon, Adam Rake, Susan Rotondo, Mariasun Salgado, Amy Schissel, John Spurlock, Geoffrey Stein, Kirsten Stolle, Amber Stucke, Derek Wilkinson, Christine Wuenschel, Adrian Cox, Philip LaVelle

2nd Annual International Exhibition of Contemporary Drawing

Parallel Space + Central Gallery + North Gallery

Manifest was founded in-part to stand for the importance of drawing as a process, skill, and discipline, and as a continuing viable product of the creative fine art and design fields. Since its inception our non-profit organization has continued to incorporate drawing-based programming, including education (Drawing Center), publications (INDA), and gallery exhibits into the broader spectrum of its projects. The students and professors who formed Manifest in 2004 knew that despite their diverging career paths (architecture, art history, painting, industrial design, photography) they were brought together on account of their connection to drawing and their mutually intense but multi-faceted pursuit of this fundamental discipline.

A year ago, in honor of the original spirit of the founding ideals of Manifest, the gallery launched DRAWN as a new annual exhibition. DRAWN seeks to survey and present the broad scope of drawing being made today. This gallery exhibit is completely separate from but nevertheless complements, and sometimes overlaps, the annual INDA publication project.

DRAWN called for artists to submit works of drawing in any media relevant to the practice (including non-traditional approaches), any style, and any genre (fine art, illustration, design, conceptual, realism, etc.).

For this exhibit 394 artists from 44 states, 20 countries, and Washington D.C. submitted 1188 works for consideration. Thirty-six works by the following 27 artists from 13 states, England, Japan, and Spain were selected by several jurors from acrsos the U.S. for presentation in the gallery and Manifest Exhibition Annual publication.

Presenting works by:

Lindsey Aleman
Jenison, Michigan

Kelly Borsheim
Cedar Creek, Texas

Sue Bryan
New York, New York

Katherine Cox
Willow Wood, Ohio

Amir Hariri
Brooklyn, New York

Daisie Hoitsma
Athens, Ohio

Margaret Hopkins
Batavia, Ohio

Lori Johnson
Asheville, North Carolina

Patti Jordan
Montclair, New Jersey

Jean LeCluyse
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Tim Main
Denver, Colorado

Free Marseille
Brockton, Massachusetts

Darren Marsh
Manchester, England

Ryota Matsumoto
Tokyo, Japan

Taylor Mazer
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Zach Mory
Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Jack Nixon
Wilmette, Illinois

Adam Rake
Bloomington, Indiana

Susan Rotondo
Culver City, California

Mariasun Salgado
Madrid, Spain

Amy Schissel
Morgantown, West Virginia

John Spurlock
Huntington, West Virginia

Geoffrey Stein
New York, New York

Kirsten Stolle
Marshall, North Carolina

Amber Stucke
Cincinnati, Ohio

Derek Wilkinson
Emporia, Kansas

Christine Wuenschel
West Lafayette, Indiana


Recent Paintings by Adrian Cox

Main Gallery

This solo exhibition of Adrian Cox's work is one of eleven selected from among 199 proposals submitted for consideration in Manifest's current season.

Border Creatures brings an entire ecosystem into Manifest's Main Gallery, populating it with Cox's recent surreal conceptions. Walking a delicate and therefore powerful line between narrative illustration, traditional figurative painting, and expressionism, the mostly large works allude to much that has come before, yet they stand firmly on their own. This makes for what can only be considered a unique and impactful experience in the situation of an in-the-round gallery presentation.

Of his work the artist states:

My work weaves a narrative of transgressive embodiment and builds a mythos of the grotesque. The characters in these paintings obliterate the natural limits of the body; sensuous extensions and wound-like openings facilitate an intense connection to their environment. I call these figures Border Creatures, as they are defined by such shifting and indeterminate boundaries.

The environment in which these Border Creatures live implicitly becomes a borderland, an interstitial space that holds conflicting qualities in equilibrium. Rather than serving as a wellspring of identity for my characters, the landscape is shown to be as mutable as its inhabitants. The primal savagery of the wild forest becomes the museum diorama, the anthropological display, and a stage built from historical conventions. The resulting narrative is one of malleable embodiment, in which the qualities that we perceive as essential to identity are but temporary modes that shift within changing contexts.

Adrian Cox (born 1988) is a painter living and working in St. Louis, Missouri. His studio practice involves a continuing exploration of transgressive bodies in figurative painting. In his recent work, he seeks to create a mythology of the grotesque, representing the morphic body as a heroic and empathetic subject.

Cox attended the University of Georgia for his undergraduate studies, and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with honors in 2010. He obtained his Master of Fine Arts degree from Washington University in Saint Louis in 2012, and was awarded the Desert Space Foundation Award upon graduation. He has exhibited work nationally, recently in exhibitions at the Mildred Lane Kemper Museum of Art, the Illinois Institute of Art, and Limner Gallery in New York. His paintings have also been featured in the nationally distributed publication Direct Art and the International Painting Annual 3 published by Manifest Press, as well as reviewed online by Hi-Fructose Magazine.

Adrian currently works as an adjunct lecturer in painting in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in Saint Louis.


Recent Paintings by Cincinnati-based Artist Philip LaVelle
Drawing Room

This solo exhibition of Cincinnati-based artist Philip LaValle's work is one of eleven selected from among 199 proposals submitted for consideration for Manifest's current season.

A View of Nowhere offers an inimate experience of LaVelle's paintings in various sizes, from large to quite small. The works pair the artist's conceptual interests with excellently applied formal design, resulting in both a highly engaging aesthetic and intellectual gallery experience.

Of his work the artist states:

How do we begin to comprehend the infinite landscape of the virtual? It is an exponential reality that we move through with a seemingly irrational ease. We use technology to annex knowledge that we recount with speed that would have been unfathomable even in the recent past. With the use of personal devices that act as portals we are able to live in two worlds simultaneously. These mechanical extensions are so “natural” that when we do not have them it feels as if we are lacking one of our senses. We use this world to store and consume information, however, we are ghosts: ’we have no bodies'.

In the past few years I have developed work that explores our world and our simultaneous experiences split between the 'real' and the 'virtual'.These experiences have grown at an expansional rate as our technology both acts as a vehicle that binds us though virtual connection and the ability to annex our brain and yet creates a displacement in our physical lives. I use painting, a nonlinear yet simultaneously experienced medium to create an abstract interpretation of our contemporary “landscape” or a more appropriately termed “visual scape”.  The works, although created intuitively and mostly by hand, both reference and use commercial, mechanical and digital production, both in aesthetic and process.  By compressing many layers together I reference the simultaneousness of the virtual and look at creating works that are nonlinear abstractions of our everyday interactions with both the material and immaterial world. I use abstraction and image to create something both familiar and foreign. I attempt to create paintings of “a place without space and the worlds in between”.

Philip LaVelle is an award-winning Cincinnati-based artist who graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BFA in Painting and with Departmental Honors in Art History with a focus in Contemporary Theory from Ohio University.

In the past few years he has been working on a series of works that use the language and process of painting, photography, and commercial design to explore ideas of our contemporary “landscape” that exists both in the “real” and the “virtual”. The simultaneous nature of these worlds forms a visual schizophrenia where information begins to fold in on itself.  These invisible landscapes are rendered by layering nonsensical structures that play with depth and create shifting perspectives while referencing the virtual and place it within a schism of the material in a frozen flux.


General Info:

FREE PUBLIC ARTIST'S RECEPTION: Friday, April 17, 6-9 p.m.
Refreshments will be served, in-part sponsored by the Echo Restaurant
(this will be the 87th Manifest reception featuring Echo Restaurant fare!)

WALK ON WOODBURN - CINCINNATI'S INSTANT ARTS DISTRICT!: visit galleries, shops, and restaurants all along Woodburn Avenue, all with special events and fare for the evening of April 17th.

FREE PUBLIC ARTIST'S TALK (Samantha Parker Salazar): Saturday, March 21, 5-6:30pm

* MEET THE TWO MANIFEST ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE (MAR): At every opening reception the MAR space and new Resident Artists Christina Weaver and Taylor Wooline will be open for visits, discussion, and viewing of their recent and ongoing work in their one-year Manifest residencies. This will be another chance for the public to meet these two artists, originally from Alabama and West Virginia respectively, as they continue their one-year programs with Manifest.

GALLERY HOURS (free admission): Tuesday through Friday 12 – 7:00 p.m., Sat. 12 – 5 p.m. or by appointment - school groups welcome and encouraged

LOCATION: 2727 Woodburn Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206
(Just south of Madison Rd. at DeSales Corner in East Walnut Hills.)

PARKING: On street and parking across the street in DeSales Business Parking Lot and in public lot between Myrtle and Madison.

CONTACT: Jason Franz, Manifest Executive Director at

GALLERY PHONE: 513-861-3638


A NEW HARDCOVER MANIFEST EXHIBITION ANNUAL PUBLICATION WILL DOCUMENT EVERY EXHIBIT OF THE SEASON: Members at the Craftsman or Artist level will have the option to get this large-format book for free. Discount pre-orders are being taken now!

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