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Manifest Creative Research Gallery presents RITES OF PASSAGE | MAGNITUDE SEVEN | MAR 2014/15

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29 May 2015 to 26 June 2015
2-7 tu-fri, 12-5 sat
2727 Woodburn Avenue
East Walnut Hills
Cincinnati, OH
North America
T: +1 513-861-3638

Madeline Rile Smith, 2014 Graduate, Tyler School of Art

Artists in this exhibition: Martha Gaustad, Shelby Huber, Todd Kunkler, Daniel Lauterbach, Cristina Marquez, Ryan Meyer, Samantha Slone, Madeline Smith, Toan Vuong, Jeremy Walbridge, Grant Wells Travis, Michael Bailey, Anna Belleforte, Logan Blanco, Susan Bryant, Michael Van Buskirk, Neil Callander, Derek Courtney, Marion Delarue, John Ferry, Tanja Gant, Mark Langeneckert, Taylor Mazer, Vince Natale, Caroline Owen, Nick Reszetar, Alicia Rothman, Christian Schmit, Jenny Schoensiegel, Walter Zurko, Christina Weaver, Taylor Woolwine

11th Annual Emerging Artists Exhibition

Main Gallery 

An Exhibit of Works by Current or Recent Undergraduates

Initiated in 2005, The Rites of Passage exhibits were developed to support student excellence by offering a public venue for the display of advanced creative research; to promote young artists as they transition into their professional careers; and to bring the positive creative energies of regional and national institutions together in one place.

With this eleventh annual installment of the Rites series, Manifest offers a $500 best of show award to reward excellence at this career level.

The Rites call for submissions was open to students graduating or expecting to graduate in 2014, 2015, or 2016 (undergraduate juniors, seniors, and those who graduated last year).

For this exhibit 87 artists representing 62 academic institutions submitted 275 works for consideration. Thirteen works by the following 11 artists representing ten different academic institutions are featured in the 11th annual Rites of Passage exhibit. Artists are listed with their academic status as of the dates of their entry into this competition.

The best of show award recipient will be revealed during the May 29th opening reception.

Why is this important?
Passing through an acredited college art program is one way among many to become an artist. While it does not guarantee success, it does serve as a measurable achievement, and if the degree granting institution is holding up its end of the deal, each artist who attains a degree through such a program has met or surpassed certain standards. For programs which are appropriately rigorous, passing a student is seriously meaningful business. Manifest's Rites of Passage is meant to serve as an external view into this process, across a broader scope than just one institution, and is offered as a bridge between academic pursuit and the general public.

The exhibit catalogs for Rites, and now the Manifest Exhibition Annual, will, over time, become a compelling document framing a view into the state of art in academia, and quite possibly the launching place for future notable artists of the world.

Featuring works by:

Martha Gaustad
Senior, Bowling Green State University

Shelby Huber
Senior, Sterling College

Todd Kunkler
Senior, Ohio University

Daniel Lauterbach
Senior, New Mexico State University

Cristina Marquez
Senior, University of Saint Francis

Ryan Meyer
2014 Graduate, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Samantha Slone
Junior, Ohio University

Madeline Smith
2014 Graduate, Tyler School of Art

Toan Vuong
2014 Graduate, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Jeremy Walbridge
Junior, Eastern Michigan University

Grant Wells
Senior, University of California, Santa Cruz


11th Annual Small Works Exhibition    

Drawing Room + Parallel Space

Back in 2005 we launched the Magnitude Seven project with the idea that small works would be easier and more practical for artists to send to Manifest from anywhere in the world. This proved true, and right off it was this project that lead to Manifest gaining the tag line 'a neighborhood gallery for the world.'

This iteration of the exhibit is no different, with works coming together from California, Indiana, Texas, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, and the countries of France and the Netherlands..

Inevitably MAG 7 is a melange of various works, including an extremely wide range of media, styles, and artist intents.The exhibit always gains unity from the common scale, so even disparate works seem to engage in playful and tolerant conversation across the gallery or side by side. We have found that having a couple galleries full of hand-sized works is somehow a relief steeped in the joy of small things well made, a menagerie of creativity, and a poignant reminder that bigger is not always better.

We are happy to present this eleventh annual exhibit of works no larger than seven inches in any dimension. For this year's project 198 artists from 39 states and 10 countries submitted 540 works for consideration by Manifest's intensely competitive jury process. Twenty-three works by the following 19 artists from 13 states and 3 countries were selected for presentation in the gallery and the new season-documenting Manifest Exhibition Annual.
Travis Michael Bailey
Union, Missouri

Anna Belleforte
Amersfoort, Utrecht, Netherlands

Logan Blanco
Helotes, Texas

Susan Bryant
Clarksville, Tennessee

Michael Van Buskirk
Portland, Oregon

Neil Callander
Mississippi State, Mississippi

Derek Courtney
Ralston, Nebraska

Marion Delarue
Valenciennes, France

John Ferry
Prairie Village, Kansas

Tanja Gant
Plano, Texas

Mark Langeneckert
Columbia, Missouri

Taylor Mazer
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Vince Natale
Woodstock, New York

Caroline Owen
West Lafayette, Indiana

Nick Reszetar
Milan, Michigan

Alicia Rothman
Brooklyn, New York

Christian Schmit
Lakeside Park, Kentucky

Jenny Schoensiegel
Redding, California

Walter Zurko
Wooster, Ohio


MAR 2014/15
The Manifest Artist Residency
Showcase Exhibitions

Artists' Gallery Talk: Saturday, June 20th, 5pm

The year-long Manifest Artist Residency (MAR) was launched in 2012 to become the fourth leg in Manifest's nonprofit programming. It was formed with the goal to provide artists with a combination of free studio space, supportive resources such as teaching opportunities and free access to life drawing and other programs at the Manifest Drawing Center, the powerful creative culture that permeats all Manifest programs, and routine engagement with the gallery-visiting public during each of our nine exhibit receptions each season.

Last season, afforded by the increase in Manifest's exhibition spaces, we were able to add yet another benefit to the MAR program–the MAR Showcase exhibition.

This double-solo exhibit features works made by our two 2014/15 Artists in Residence, Christina Weaver and Taylor Woolwine. This marks the culmination of their residency at Manifest which concludes in June, and serves as a celebration of their achievements, learning, and heartfelt adoption into the broad Manifest 'family'.


Paintings by Manifest Artist-in-Residence Christina Weaver
Central Gallery

Accumulations presents seven paintings made by Weaver during her residency. Both mid-sized and small, these works present energy akin to classic abstract expressionist works, with the care and nuance found in highly observational realist imagery. The combination of these two qualities offers an experience to the viewer of having a glimpse into the artist's questing mind, walking a tightrope between extremes.

Of her work the artist states:

...A certain observational fidelity has always been essential to my work—an obligation to nail down the thing, a display of skill, an understanding of light, etc. Recreating different aspects of reality is one of my greatest joys as a painter. But over the past couple of years, I have found that what I am painting is no longer “just” still life, but dynamic landscapes or skyscapes, and occasionally something anatomical or something that suggests the presence or absence of the figure. So through cropping and lighting and paint handling, I have started playing up this unexpected and wonderful transcendence of my subjects. The work has become far more abstract. Though the imagery is still heavy with tangibility, I am learning to let go of the nameability of the things. By using my objects as vehicles or catalysts for paintings as opposed to final words, I have opened up a certain freedom for myself and have made room for invention and the further exploration of the formal elements of a painting—color, surface, shape. The paintings are beginning to stand alone apart from their subject matter, as opposed to existing solely as reiterations of reality.


Paintings by Manifest Artist-in-Residence Taylor Woolwine

North Gallery

Unravel also presents seven paintings made by Woolwine during his residency. Similar sizes and media to Weaver's, these works explore the tension between the stimulous-subject and its resulting translation into imagery and formal energy through paint on a surface with completely different results. Far from quiet or contemplative, Woolwine's paintings reveal a full-force battle with which the artist extracts what he is seeking, and working to convey.

Of his work the artist states:

...How does the artist capture a fleeting glimpse using a process that spans over many hours, days, or even weeks? I investigate this question through my paintings, which often consist of many layers of failed attempts to capture specific moments. Imbedded in nearly every painting are several views of the objects and interior of my studio. In this sense the paintings are tangible documented histories of their own making, as honest and open as possible. During the paintings’ construction, a steady stream of new imagery constantly intrudes on the old, creating jarring juxtapositions. The resulting images simultaneously contain everything and nothing, creating a new visual realm which transcends the sum of its parts.


General Info:

FREE PUBLIC ARTIST'S RECEPTION: Friday, May 29, 6-9 p.m. 
Refreshments will be served, in-part sponsored by the Echo Restaurant
(this will be the 87th Manifest reception featuring Echo Restaurant fare!)

WALK ON WOODBURN - CINCINNATI'S INSTANT ARTS DISTRICT!: visit galleries, shops, and restaurants all along Woodburn Avenue, all with special events and fare for the evening of May 29th.

FREE PUBLIC ARTIST'S TALK (Christina Weaver and Taylor Woolwine): Saturday, June 20th, 5pm 
* SAY GOODBYE TO THE TWO MANIFEST ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE (MAR): At every opening reception the MAR space and new Resident Artists Christina Weaver and Taylor Wooline will be open for visits, discussion, and viewing of their recent and ongoing work in their one-year Manifest residencies. This will be the final chance for the public to meet these two artists, originally from Alabama and West Virginia respectively, and visit their studios before the new Resident Artists arrive. 

GALLERY HOURS (free admission): Tuesday through Friday 12 – 7:00 p.m., Sat. 12 – 5 p.m. or by appointment - school groups welcome and encouraged

LOCATION: 2727 Woodburn Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206
(Just south of Madison Rd. at DeSales Corner in East Walnut Hills.)

PARKING: On street and parking across the street in DeSales Business Parking Lot and in public lot between Myrtle and Madison.

CONTACT: Jason Franz, Manifest Executive Director at

GALLERY PHONE: 513-861-3638


A NEW HARDCOVER MANIFEST EXHIBITION ANNUAL PUBLICATION WILL DOCUMENT EVERY EXHIBIT OF THE SEASON: Members at the Craftsman or Artist level will have the option to get this large-format book for free. Discount pre-orders are being taken now!

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