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Manifest Creative Research Gallery presents HALF-TRUTH | GAME ON! | LINE AND LIGHT | FORM AND TIME:

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27 Jan 2017 to 24 Feb 2017
2-7 tu-fri, 12-5 sat
2727 Woodburn Avenue
East Walnut Hills
Cincinnati, OH
North America
T: +1 513-861-3638

Image: Zach Nagle

Artists in this exhibition: Jillian Bloise, Elizabeth Claffey, Rick Dailey, Jaime de la Jara, Chris Kalmbach, Katia Lifshin, Jennifer Meanley, Zach Nagle, Michael Nichols, Roberto Osti, Bill Porter, Thomas Pfannerstil, Dominic Lippillo & Mark Schoon, Charles Scott, Mark Tenant, Nicolas Vionnet, Margaret Whiting, Thomas Bosse, Jason Bly, Christopher Cosnowski, David Colannino, Jonathan Frey, Richard Luschek, Damon McArthur, Lucy Meskill, Rosalie Rosenthal, Buket Savci, Laura Makar, Charles Kanwischer

Art with Double-Meaning

Main Gallery + Drawing Room

"Language is a virus." So goes a song by Laurie Anderson, dramatizing an idea originated in a 1962 William S. Burroughs novel.

As externalized thoughts, words and their assembly have great power. Being external means that ideas and information carried by words are malleable and vulnerable to corruption. Information travels from host to host in biological ways by way of language. And it comes back to its source, often altered, bringing change through subsequent internalization.

What happens when truthful information is altered by the omission of part of the message? What happens for example when a comma is removed from a sentence, or an implication is inserted, and therefore the interpretation of an entire otherwise truthful statement is changed? A half-truth is the result, often intended to make what is only a belief appear to be knowledge. Half-truths mislead through the use of truth as a decoy within which rides an intended deception.

For this exhibit Manifest was very interested in how artists may respond to the concept of half-truth. The common threads shared between the selected works provide intriguing insight into the theme. With this the exhibit offers a story of the true and the believed.

Manifest's blind jury process reviewed 342 works by 119 artists from 29 states and 14 countries for this exhibit. Twenty-two works by the following 18 artists from 14 states and the countries of Spain and Switzerland were selected for exhibition and will also be featured in the Manifest Exhibition Annual publication (MEA) at the close of the season.

Presenting works by:

Jillian Bloise

Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

Elizabeth Claffey

Bloomington, Indiana

Rick Dailey

Denver, Colorado

Jaime de la Jara

Madrid, Spain

Chris Kalmbach

Cincinnati, Ohio

Katia Lifshin

Tucson, Arizona

Jennifer Meanley
Greensboro, North Carolina

Zach Nagle

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Michael Nichols

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Roberto Osti

Flemington, New Jersey

Bill Porter

Littleton, Massachusetts

Thomas Pfannerstil

Louisville, Kentucky

Dominic Lippillo & Mark Schoon

Starkville, Mississippi

Charles Scott

Carbondale, Illinois

Mark Tenant

New York, New York

Nicolas Vionnet

Zurich, Switzerland

Margaret Whiting
Waterloo, Iowa


Art About Play  

North Gallery  

Playfulness is not just for children. The act of playing teaches the young how to grow up, survive, and interact. But it teaches adults how to be alive. For all its assumed frivolity, play is quite possibly a fundamental binding agent in the formation of both human and non-human societies.

For this exhibit Manifest is excited to present examples of works of visual art that address the theme of play, or which are somehow generated or inspired by playing or the objects of such activity. Works include images or objects made of toys and games, playful abstractions, and images of playful moments all in various media including painting, photography, sculpture, and drawing.

Manifest's blind jury process reviewed 363 works by 124 artists from 32 states, Washington D.C., and 4 countries for this exhibit. Thirteen works by the following 10 artists from 8 states were selected for exhibition and will also be featured in the Manifest Exhibition Annual publication (MEA) at the close of the season.

Presenting works by:

Thomas Bosse

Athens, Georgia

Jason Bly

Edwardsville, Illinois

Christopher Cosnowski

Chicago, Illinois

David Colannino

New Orleans, Louisiana

Jonathan Frey

Lewisburg, Pensylvania

Richard Luschek
Cincinnati, Ohio

Damon McArthur

Kewanee, Illinois

Lucy Meskill

Milford, New Jersey

Rosalie Rosenthal

Louisville, Kentucky

Buket Savci

Brooklyn, New York



Cut Paper Drawings by Laura Makar
Central Gallery  

This exhibition of Laura Makar’s hand cut paper drawings is one of 8 selected from among 137 proposals submitted for consideration for Manifest’s 13th season.

Eight of Laura Makar's cut paper drawings will occupy the Central Gallery. As cut paper the works embody both the fluidity of energy and the stillness of empty paper. As captured essences cemented by impeccable craftsmanship the works serve as a meditation on time, light, and persistent intentionality for both the artist and viewer. 

It is by coincidence that Makar and Kanwischer submitted proposals for the same season, and were scheduled for side-by-side exhibits at Manifest. As it turns out, Laura was Charles's student at Bowling Green. Not realizing this at the time, our curatorial interest was in how the two bodies of work relate (silent, concentrated, colorless, highly crafted and detailed) and how they contrast (very small, realism based on observed environments versus fairly large, abstraction based on observed ideas and impulses). We feel the two exhibits together make a perfect pair for experiencing and understanding the motives of the contemporary artist.  

Of her approach, the artist states:

"The LINE is a design element and fundamental that can be used as an approach to create abstract forms through the medium of drawing, reinforced with a basic skill set.   Line definition is apparent throughout my work concluding in meticulous drawings and cut paper compositions.  Shadows further emphasize intangible planes by planned and defective lighting, hoping to engage each viewer through the presentation of micro and macro compositions embodied on the paper."  

Artist Biography:  

Laura Makar was born in Buffalo, NY and grew up in Toledo, OH. She earned her BFA in two-demisinonal studies at Bowling Green State University, in 2009 and her MFA in drawing at Wayne State University (WSU) in 2014. While attending WSU she was awarded the 2013 Thomas C. Rumble Graduate Fellowship, and recently received an award for her artwork at the 2015 MFAC Exhibition, Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center. Laura has exhibited her work locally and nationally; including exhibitions in California, Georgia, New York, and North Dakota. She was selected to be part of a two-person exhibition at ROY G BIV Gallery, Columbus, OH in late 2016. Currently, Laura serves as Preparator at the Elaine L. Jacob Gallery and Art Department Gallery, WSU.   Learn more at


by Charles Kanwischer

Parallel Space

This exhibition of Charles Kanwischer’s drawings is one of 8 selected from among 137 proposals submitted for consideration for Manifest’s 13th season. 

Fifteen of Charles Kanwischer's drawings will occupy the Parallel Space gallery. The intimate works, most no larger than one-foot in size, embody through their delicate intensity a sense of grave but understated importance. While virtuoso in their execution, the management of nuance, composition, and content through choice of subject and viewpoint makes each drawing a profound contemporary experience, and the entire collection a symphonic exclamation.  

Of his work, the artist states:

"My drawings are executed primarily in graphite, on gessoed paper mounted on cradled panels. Working on panels allows me to display the drawings without glass, foregrounding their material and physical properties. When I look at the world I see forms and histories in flux. I’m attracted to sites that are visibly and obviously changing from one condition to another. The processes may be natural, as with tidal flats and flooding rivers, or they may be human directed activities such as farming, building and demolition. All present evidence of an
ongoingness that I believe constitutes the deeper subject of my work." 

Artist Biography:   
Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Charles Kanwischer earned a BFA in Printmaking from the University of Iowa. He also has an MFA in Painting/Printmaking from Yale University School of Art. Currently, he is Professor of Art at Bowling Green State University. He previously taught at Amherst College and Yale University.  Kanwischer lives and works in Waterville, Ohio.  

Learn more at


General Information  

Free Public Artist’s Reception
January 27th from 6:00 to 9:00 pm
Refreshments will be served, in part sponsored by the Echo Restaurant (This will be the 104th Manifest reception featuring Echo Restaurant fare!)  

Walk on Woodburn:

Cincinnati’s Instant Arts District! Visit galleries, shops, and restaurants all along Woodburn Avenue, all with special events and fare for the evening of December 16th. 

Artist Talk with Laura Makar and Charles Kanwischer:
(Date and Time to Follow) Join us at Manifest for a conversation with Charles Kanwischer and his former student Laura Makar.  Both were selected for simultaneous solo exhibitions, without our knowledge of their mentor/mentee connection!

Lunch and Learn Gallery Talk: Thursday, February 16th, 12:15pm
Spend a few minutes of your lunchbreak getting acquainted with your neighborhood gallery! We'll be giving a 20 minute guided tour of our current show, offering insight into the work and behind-the-scenes secrets on how it all comes together.  No need to skip out on lunch either - pre-order your lunch from Kitchen 452 by Tuesday, February 14th at 11:00 am and pick it up at the front desk after your visit! Kitchen 452 will offer a 10% discount on pre-ordered lunches.  

Meet the Manifest Artists In Residence:
 At every opening reception the MAR space and resident artists Ellina Chetverikova and Adam Mysock will be receiving visits, discussion, and hosting a viewing of their recent and ongoing projects for their one-year Manifest residencies. This will be a chance for the public to meet these two artists as they continue their time at Manifest.    

Exhibit Runs Through February 24th: on this day Manifest offers LAST LOOK FRIDAY 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm.  

 (free admission): Tuesday through Friday 12 – 7:00 pm, Sat. 12 – 5:00 pm or by appointment - school groups welcome and encouraged.  

: 2727 Woodburn Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206 (Just south of Madison Rd. at DeSales Corner in East Walnut Hills.)  

On street and across the street in DeSales Business Parking Lot, and in public lot between Myrtle and Madison.  

 Jason Franz, Manifest Executive Director at  



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