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Lior Neiger

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Aim TV, 2006, Painting and Video, 16"X130"
Aim TV, 2006, Painting and Video, 16"X130"
My recent body of works, Controlled Explosions, reflects the interdisciplinary nature of my art. The works comprised of video, painting and drawings touch upon questions of surveillance, power, and fear. In Aim TV (image on the left), for example, video and paintings are put together in a triptych-like installation: two narrow paintings of satellite wings hang from either side of a video monitor. The video offers a bird’s-eye tour of politically charged places. Crosshairs superimposed on the aerial view serve as a constant reminder of the potential and most frequent use of this technology. The technological, occasionally “cold” look of the Controlled Explosions body of work also has biographical roots. My father, who passed away when I was four years old, worked as an engineer for Rafael, Israel’s Armament Development Authority.
Rafael 3,
Rafael 3, '05, Acrylic on Canvas 4'X3'
Inspired by my father’s profession and his background as an artist, I fused my art with my fantasy of army engineering. By using silver paint or leaf, for instance, some of the works take a step closer to becoming pieces of technology themselves, as silver is the color most associated with technological products. Nevertheless, the works question and criticize militarism and technology.
[The Image on the left is part of Rafael 1-3 - More on page2].
Bombs Eye View, 2006, Painting and Video 30"X60"
Bombs Eye View, 2006, Painting and Video 30"X60"
Fighter, 2007, Ink and Marker on Paper, 18"X24"
Fighter, 2007, Ink and Marker on Paper, 18"X24"
Blast1 , 2007, Ink and Marker on Paper, 18"X24"
Blast1 , 2007, Ink and Marker on Paper, 18"X24"

In another triptych-like installation Bomb’s Eye View (see Image), for example, the painting on the right shows a military aircraft firing a missile. The video in the middle, which was released by the Israel Defense Forces spokesman, shows a moving car just before it is blown up by a drone’s missile. The explosion has been edited out and only the car followed by the drone’s crosshairs is shown in a loop. The “missing” explosion is relocated to the painting to the left of the video, where traces of my own “explosion” on the canvas became a representation of an actual explosion that occurred in the outside/”real” world, on a road in the Gaza Strip.
FIN, 2006, Acrylic and 16"X20"
FIN, 2006, Acrylic and 16"X20"

Lior Neiger was born in Haifa, Israel 1972. In 2005 He graduated the joint MFA program of The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and Tufts University. In 2003 he was awarded the Americas-Israel Cultural Foundation grant. He recently presented his new work in New York (Exit Art), Boston (VideoSpace at Judi Rotenberg Gallery, Mills Gallery, The Artist Foundation, ArtSpace@16), and Israel (Herzliya Museum of Art).
Lior Neiger
Boston, MA
North America


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