May 2005
issue 5 : DRAWING II

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Eleni Kamma, "IDEAL FRAMES, IDEAL PEOPLE #3", 2005, ink on tracing paper

vamiali's, Athens

Eleni Kamma

Fra Giovanni Giocondo’s da Verona illustrations of Roman architect’s Vitruvius manuscripts, became the starting point for the group of miniatures drawings titled "Ideal frames, ideal people”. In this group Kamma uses the predesigned frame of the found illustration as a vignette where she occupies the main area with complicated and busy writing with elements from modern architecture, children book illustration like Sarah Kay and Petticoat stickers.

The interest in her drawings focuses in those parts that in the beginning are traced and then removed in a kind of non continuity, leaving the viewer to decide the accomplishment of an uncompleted reality. Order and chaos in Kamma’s works appear not as a disorder but as a schizoid impulse of a saturated world of images. Constructed in scales and by breaking the given hierarchy, her works create levels to flattening, they focus in the research process of the representation of the perspective, the viewing and the perception. The deconstruction of a given order, without introducing any sentimental loading, reflects complex scenarios between abstraction and figuration.


Sprüth Magers Projekte, Munich

KAREN YASINSKY : Stills - New Work on Paper

In her second solo show at Sprueth Magers Projects Munich Karen Yasinsky shows her new drawings which are concerned with the cinematic oeuvre of Alfred Hithcocks. The works on paper ( pencil, colored pencil, marker, watercolour and collage on paper) are based on filmstills from the Hitchcock classics such as Rear Window and also lesser known films such as The Manxman and the silent movie Blackmail.

Some of these films Yasinsky has not even seen but instead she refers to Stills from a book that she finds interesting. Therefore it is not the film or its story that is the starting point, but the ‘still’ that is takent from the motionless picture.

The paper work directs the focus of the viewer to Hithcock’s composition and framing and to certain peculiarities of the scenes, as well as the psychological relationship between the characters.


Karen Yasinsky, North by Northwest #4, 2005, mixed media, 17 3/4 x 27 1/2 in


João Louro, Naked Drawings, 2005. Graphite on paper, 160 x 120 cm


Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art, Lisbon


‘Naked Drawings’ gathers a selection of graphite drawings on paper and canvas. With this project, João Louro recreates language games in order to demonstrate that language is a complex, organic activity, in the sense that it participates in life and, like life itself, changes, contains misunderstandings, dead-ends, infinite possibilities of communication, and different levels of interpretation.

If speech acts such as naming or identification are useful in understanding language games, they do not suffice to command the entire field of meaning.

Words are not “objects” or “things” that have properties of their own in the same way that actually existing things do. Words are essentially relational. The oral or written word transmits a symbolic representation that is recognized by the sender and receiver. When a word is written down or spoken, it becomes a relational entity which carries the value of meaning. If the spoken word provokes vibrations in the air and stimulates audition, the written word stimulates vision. But the meaning of words is something which is projected onto the token which carries it.

DCKT Contemporary, New York

MARIO M. MULLER: Heaven or Las Vegas

DCKT Contemporary is pleased to announce MARIO M. MULLER’s second New York solo exhibition. The show will consist of India ink drawings from The Las Vegas Suite (2004-5), ranging in scale from 48x68 inches to 26x40 inches. This exhibition marks the debut of MULLER’s Las Vegas Suite which was begun in 2004 and which the artist sees as an on-going series.

Drawn to the high and incredibly bright desert light of Las Vegas, MULLER offers a view of this tourist and gambling destination that transcends the fleeting glances a typical stroll down the strip might afford a casual viewer. MULLER’s visual paradigm has been to transform the instantly recognizable aspects of an urban existence and offer them anew, stripped of detail and feature. For this new body of work, the artist has departed from the human form and focused on the architectural details of a city where veneer replaces substance. Each work is a still life in high-contrast silhouette and shadow depicting building facades, marquees, artificial parking lot lights, and surveillance technology.


Mario M. Muller, LV#3, 2004. India ink on paper, 26 x 40" UF


Constance Lowe, FAbCom 14-2 2004, colored pencil on drafting film 32 x 40"

cactus bra SPACE, San Antonio, TX

Graft : New work by Constance Lowe

In her new exhibition Graft, San Antonio artist Constance Lowe presents colored pencil drawings on drafting film and sewn felt constructions that continue her interest in the confluence of image and material. Like her familiar symmetrical drawings, these works employ complex shapes derived from ink blots and use strategies of reproduction to create hybrid forms. Unlike the symmetrical works, the irregular images in Graft are pieced together from various blot fragments, sprawling across the surface to suggest botanical or anatomical forms.

A unique aspect of Lowe’s work is its faithfulness to the specific contours of shapes created through happenstance, treading a line between abstraction and representation. She works from an ever-growing catalog of blots made with black ink on bond paper and over time has devised methods of persuading the ink to yield an unending variety of configurations. Each individual work of art results from meticulous methods of reproduction and fabrication, contrasting the purposefulness of labor-intensive construction with the enigmatic image.

Thomas Erben Gallery, New York

Raha Raissnia : Aphelion


Thomas Erben is pleased to present new large-scale drawings by the Iranian-born artist Raha Raissnia. Additionally on view will be a new painting, artist's books and other materials to expose the artist's process, and explore the complex correlation between her drawings and paintings.


Raha Raissnia, Glint, 2005, Graphite on paper, 50 x 38 in.


Barnaby Whitfield, The Flipper, 2005, 30 x 22". Pastel on Paper


31 Grand, Brooklyn, NY

Barnaby Whitfield : Whore With Red Cheeks

31GRAND is proud to present Barnaby Whitfield’s solo exhibition “Whore With Red Cheeks.” An unabashed and unapologetic pastel artist with an obsessive nature toned in kitsch and pith; Whitfield creates a personal mythology within an art historical context.

Growing up the child of a politician and an educator in south Florida, Whitfield found himself at the age of 6 living in the master suite of a haunted Antebellum Mansion on an abandoned horse farm. The former owner, and now ghost, Norma, had succumbed to madness for the last ten years of her life. It was said she often walked to the end of the circular drive waving with undergarments fastened to the outside of her clothes. But it was inside the house that her madness truly reined, where she had stuffed her rooms with worthless discards. Whitfield’s family found the former master suite’s, pink and maroon tiled, bathroom, stuffed with lipsticks even filling the toilet bowl; permanently streaking it in the waxy reds his Mother and Father kept in memoriam.

At the age of 9, to escape the heavy sadness of the house’s hand, Whitfield began to travel the world as a singer in a touring boy choir but by the age of 14 it all had become too much for the agoraphobic synesthete.


Drawing Exhibitions May 2005


303 GALLERY, New York : TIM GARDNER : 15 Apr to 28 May 2005

Annina Nosei Gallery, New York : Heidi McCall : 6 May to 6 June 2005

Artspace Virginia Miller Galleries, Miami : Hugo Crosthwaite - Maniera obscura : 4 Mar to 30 May 2005

Coleman Projects Space, London : Disco Hospital : Drawing Show curated by Paul Harper : 6 May to 29 May 2005

Dollhaus, Brooklyn : Property Prophecy of The Floating Heads : Jonathan S. Allen : 16 Apr to 15 May 2005

Drawing Room, London : Loose Ends: the drawings of Lucia Nogueira : 19 Mar to 26 June 2005

Frederieke Taylor Gallery, New York : Raimund Abraham: Jingya JinBao Project Beijing : 21 Apr to 21 May 2005



Gitte Weise Gallery Sydney : MARIA KONTIS : Drawings : 6 Apr to 14 May 2005

Jablonka Galerie, Cologne : PABLO PICASSO : FEMMES DRAWINGS 1971 : 8 Apr to 28 May 2005

JEFF BAILEY GALLERY, New York : Will Duty : Drawings : 20 Apr to 21 May 2005

Rokeby, London : Zoe mendelson - P’s and Q’s : 20 Apr to 24 May 2005

Vera Gliem Galerie, Cologne : Torsten Slama : 9 Apr to 28 May 2005

Wendy Cooper Gallery, Chicago : XYLOR JANE - Say when / MICHELLE GRABNER - Project Room : 29 Apr to 28 May 2005

Zink & Gegner, Munich : german stegmaier : 12 May to 18 June 2005

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