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Spinello Gallery presents Agustina WOODGATE - COLLECTIVISM

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9 Apr 2011 to 28 May 2011

155 NE 38 STREET, No. 101
Miami, FL
North America
T: +1 786 271 4223

Artists in this exhibition: Agustina WOODGATE


Apr 09 - May 28

OPENING RECEPTION: April 9, 2011 | 7 - 10pm

Anthony Spinello announces - SPINELLO PROJECTS, a re-imagined curatorial/creative endeavor marking five influential years in facilitating the cultural development of Miami, its emerging art scene and beyond. On April 9th, 2011, Spinello will celebrate the milestone by proudly presenting the highly anticipated "group" installation, COLLECTIVISM, by Spinello's first-ever represented Artist, Collaborator, and International Projector, Agustina Woodgate. COLLECTIVISM is a multimedia collection and conversation among Woodgate's most significant works to date. This will be Woodgate's forth solo exhibition with Spinello.

Agustina Woodgate's work reminds us that all corporeal entities are interconnected with themselves and each other. Her practice investigates how stories, rituals, and traditions transform our relationships with the objects and places around us. This being-in-relation is a way of perceiving, a mode of moving, and a narrative of global truths designed by cultural fictions. COLLECTIVISM presents Woodgate's evolution by moving its audience towards a collective future, that is integrated, involved, inclusive, and in continual process.

Woodgate explains, "I create art that fosters exchanges between people rather than encounters between a viewer and object. Through these exchanges, meaning is elaborated collectively, rather than in the space of individual consumption."

She creates responses to social narratives through situations that unveil the tensions between the natural-becoming-unnatural and the unnatural-becoming-natural. Woodgate's work discovers illogical, surreal scenarios from otherwise realistic or "normal" settings, revealing unconscious transience in beliefs and behaviors between these two worlds.

COLLECTIVISM includes pivotal early career works such as "Changes" to Woodgate's most recent monumental accomplishment to date, "No Rain No Rainbows". Originally exhibited in her first-ever exhibition with Spinello, "Organic" (2005), "Changes" is a collection of 24 monoprints comprising of 12 completely hairless nude bodies of the artist. With hair that has shed from her head and collected from her daily showering ritual during the course of one year, Woodgate sews her body waste onto the monoprint panels. "Changes" addresses the intimate relation that each individual has with their body through an often unspoken topic, bodily hair.

Inspired by nature and its cycle, the monumental textile floor covering "No Rain No Rainbows" is Woodgate's largest rug to date, measuring 9.5' x 16' and the most recent addition to Woodgate's Rug Collection. The Rug Collection Series consists of a total of six Hand-sewn and designed rugs made from recycled stuffed animals skins. The rugs not only reference the personal histories of the toy's owners, but investigate the rug as an object organizing and displaying memories and lineages.

Agustina Woodgate (b. 1981 Buenos Aires) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Miami, FL since 2005. She earned her BFA from the National University of Visual Arts in Buenos Aires. Ms. Woodgate is an active member of the Miami art community and culture. She has exhibited and performed her work nationally and internationally at the Montreal Biennial (Canada), Casa Blanca Museum (Puerto Rico), Adrienne Arsht Center (Miami), Naples Art Museum, North Carolina Museum of Art, Portland Art Center, Salon Nacional de Instalacion (Bs. As), among other venues. Usually combining many disciplines and often collaborating with other artists of many fields, she pursues ongoing collaborations with groups from various background. Agustina works inclusively and socially, finding new access points for communication to create public, intensive, and process-oriented works. She is currently working on a Rug Collection made from recycled stuffed animal skins and a project in an abandoned amusement park in Berlin.

She is currently taking pilot lessons.


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