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Ormston House presents Moving Mountains

21 Mar 2015 to 18 Apr 2015
Wed / Fri / Sat 12-6pm
Thurs 12-7pm
Ormston House Gallery
9-10 Patrick Street

Moving Mountains
Andrew Cooper, Harald Reichenbach, Max Roth, Paco Simón & Zimoun
21 March - 18 April 2015

Artists in this exhibition: Andrew Cooper,  Harald Reichenbach,  Max Roth,  Paco Simón,  Zimoun

Moving Mountains

Andrew Cooper, Harald Reichenbach, Max Roth, Paco Simón & Zimoun

Exhibition dates: 21 March - 18 April 2015

Ormston House is pleased to host Moving Mountains – an exhibition developed in collaboration with Wandelbar Art International artists. This is the first leg of the Celtic tour and Moving Mountains will travel to Scotland and Wales throughout 2015. For some time, Wandelbar Art International has been a virtual organisation without bricks and mortar. They have decided once again to set their sights on a home and so they will launch a new arts centre and retreat in the mountains of Switzerland.

A mountain stands still and silent. Come closer and the scale changes - what was once distant becomes close and tangible. As time passes, the stones move, the wind lifts the earth, the water works its way through the rocks, light shifts the shapes, and you start to hear it move.

The exhibition takes the motif of the mountain as a point of departure and invites visitors to explore notions of time, scale, stillness and movement. The artists use functional materials and simple techniques to explore the rhythm of the landscape creating a suite of playful, interactive, contemplative or meditative artworks. Andrew Cooper’s installation, Austerity Measures, tricks the eye in a complex play of line and colour, while Zimoun’s acoustic sculptures reverberate a frenetic yet controlled system of beats. Paco Simón’s site-specific work, Mountains in Motion, invites you to crawl through a curving tunnel, while Max Roth and Harald Reichenbach encourage you to stand still and observe. Each with distinct conceptual concerns, from the orderly patterns of Modernism to the chaotic forces of life, the works presented at Ormston House are united by the visual metaphor of the mountain.

About Wandelbar Art International:

Wandelbar Art International was established in 1997 by Harald Reichenbach and Marc Rome, to promote artists and their work worldwide. Fifteen years ago, Harry and Marc met in a small town called Gstaad in Switzerland. Marc was visiting an artist friend’s exhibition and Harry had just opened a new gallery. They were from different countries, different cultures (Marc is from the Scottish Border) and there was a ten year age gap between them. However they hit it off instantly and have been firm friends ever since. Between them they have owned galleries, arranged international exhibitions and residencies, been involved in the arts management and consultancy, travelled extensively and are directly involved in the running of the Gstaad Film Festival, as well as selling and exhibiting their own work.

Ormston House & Pallas Projects present Periodical Review #4

Preview: Friday 13 February, 7 – 9pm
Exhibition dates: 14 February – 13 March 2015

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