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Carbon12 - Gallery Profile

Carbon is the “underdog” of elements. Everyone knows about CO and CO2, but what is often forgotten is that carbon is found in every single biological being. Carbon is omnipresent. Carbon magically creates two extreme forms: diamond and charcoal. One is sparklingly clear, the other mysteriously black, and each is more beautiful than the other. 12 is the non-radioactive isotope of Carbon. We dare to find magic in extremes. But just like the 12, we are safe.

Carbon 12 was founded in 2008 as a platform for international artistic exchange, enabling artists and art lovers from all around the world to meet in the fantastic city of Dubai. This gallery was born out of pure passion; the zeal of an art lover who started collecting works of the stars of Middle Eastern contemporary art years before they left their native countries. With such a founder, it was only natural that Carbon 12 would take up the task of both recognising talents from today and detecting talents of tomorrow.

Carbon 12 represents both newly discovered artists and internationally recognised names whose works already hang in museums. We made sure that our gallery's exquisite selection covers all fields of art, including painting, sculpture, photography, and media art. Here, you will find carefully chosen extravagances to enchant your eyes and challenge your mind. Every exhibition is curated, and the artists represented are being seen for the first time in the entire region.

Best also means collaboration and partnership. This is why Carbon 12 has teamed up with several established galleries from European capitals to provide Dubai with internationally recognised quality and trends. Known as one of the most international cities in the world, in which over 90 percent of the population is comprised of expatriates, Dubai deserves an art scene that covers tastes, talents and trends from every corner of the world.

Carbon 12 is located in Al Quoz, the "Soho" of the Middle-east , one of the most interesting industrial areas in the world, in this dynamic city. We believe that this rough industrial location creates a perfect setting for our art space. The amazing and contemporary layout of our gallery, as close as possible to a white cube ideal, makes Carbon 12 an exceptional location solely devoted to art. Its simplicity and elegant minimalism won't distract you away from the stunning works of art on display.

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