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Caroline Pagès Gallery: Isabel Simões - Rules for a subjective sundial - 28 Sept 2013 to 9 Nov 2013

Current Exhibition

28 Sept 2013 to 9 Nov 2013
Monday - Saturday 3 to 8 pm & appointment
Opening September 28 from 4 to 7 pm
Caroline Pagès Gallery
Rua Tenente Ferreira Durão, 12 - 1° Dto.
T: 351 213873376
M: 351 916795697

© Isabel Simões, 2013

Artists in this exhibition: Isabel Simões

Isabel Simões
Rules for a subjective sundial

Opening Saturday, September 28 from 4 to 7 pm
September 28 – November 9, 2013

In the exhibition Rules for a subjective sundial, Isabel Simões presents a group of works where she explores the way in which light and surfaces mutually define their visibility. Works that are both representation and the model itself question the possible naming of objects.

The paintings on paper are the result of diverse moments of light over provoked volumes, which are again distended, and that also bear witness to the spatial conditions that shelter this process. Sometimes, a projected shadow of a vertical and stand alone element is merged into the surfaces, chosen in opposition to the walls and floor of the studio. A series of drawings made during the night to some extent inverts this functioning.

In the exhibition, as well as in the studio, the works are positioned and oriented in strict relation to the light sources of the space and part of the exhibition will be dependent on the natural exterior light conditions and time.

At the gallery, a complete text by Anna Saulwick will be available, in which the author describes the steps of a scientific experiment dealing with the deceleration of light, referencing several aspects of the artist’s working process:

“It is a mere part of a moment, observable and recordable only through this vast process of reducing inputs. In that time, the light will slow by a factor of ten to 100 million, a kilometre-long light pulse will squeeze down to a length 20 microns, and the image will become the material. So far as we know, that particular thing has never happened on Earth before.

We will record our findings; releasing them to be challenged in different rooms under different lights. You can’t hold on to it forever. On the other side of the cloud the light pulse will stretch out again into free space, and when it has left the cloud completely to sprint away from our instruments it will be the same shape that it was when it went in, but just tremendously delayed.”

Isabel Simões (Portuguese, born in 1981) studied painting and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon in 2005. Two years later she was awarded the Fidelidade Mundial Young Painters Award and in 2011 she travelled to Berlin for a residency at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien supported by the João Hogan – Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation scholarship (Portugal).

Her solo exhibitions include An Oblique Fiction (2011), Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin; Esperem Entrem (2010) and Plongée (2009) at the Galeria MARZ, Lisbon; as well as two solo shows at Módulo – Centro Difusor de Arte, Lisbon (2006 and 2007).

Isabel Simões has participated in joint exhibitions, among them Yellow once again (2012), Jorge Lopes Studio — Berlinda Festival, Berlin; BYTS- Bosch Young Talent Sow (2011), Stedelijk Museum, Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands; Unfolding: Space (2011), Grimmuseum, Berlin; O Museu em Ruínas (2011), Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Elvas – António Cachola Collection, Elvas, Portugal; Amália Coração Independente (2009), Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon; A Iminência da Queda (2009), Diário de Notícias’ Gallery, Lisbon; Fidelidade Mundial Young Painters Awards (2007), Culturgest, Lisbon; 7 artistas ao 10º mês (2005), Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon; Expanded Painting (2005), 2 nd Prague Biennale, Prague, Czech Republic; Antecip’Arte (2004), Estufa Fria, Lisbon and was one of the painting finalists for the Rothschild Award (2003).

Simões’ work can be found in the collections of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon), PLMJ Foundation (Lisbon), Budapest Galéria, Fidelidade Mundial (Lisbon), Ilídio Pinho Foundation (Oporto) and António Cachola — Museum of Contemporary Art of Elvas (Portugal).

Rules for a subjective sundial is her first solo show at the Caroline Pagès Gallery.

Anna Saulwick is a Berlin-based writer, researcher and policy advisor. She is currently working on a novel.

For more information and visuals please contact the gallery at [+315] 21 387 33 76 or [+351] 91 679 56 97 or email us at .

Caroline Pagès Gallery

Rua Tenente Ferreira Durão, 12 – 1º Dto.
[Campo de Ourique]
1350-315 Lisboa
Tel. 21 387 33 76
Tm. 91 679 56 97
Opening hours: From 3 - 8 pm every day except Sundays, and by appointment.

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