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carlier | gebauer: KIRSI MIKKOLA | Dark Core Breathing - 4 Sept 2010 to 23 Oct 2010

Current Exhibition

4 Sept 2010 to 23 Oct 2010
Tuesday to Saturday,11 am - 6 pm
carlier | gebauer
Markgrafenstraße 67
p: +49 (0)30 2400 863 0
f: +49 (0)30 2400 863 33

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carlier | gebauer

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Artists in this exhibition: KIRSI MIKKOLA

KIRSI MIKKOLA | Dark Core Breathing

Opening on Friday, September 3, from 6-9 pm.

The opening will take place on September 10, together with the galleries from the newly established BerlinGalleryDistrict

carlier | gebauer is very happy to present new works by the Finnish artist Kirsi Mikkola. Mikkola, who worked with carlier | gebauer already in the early 1990s, returns into the public gaze with a world of collaged constructions. Her show, “Dark Core Breathing” will open at carlier | gebauer on the 10th of September 2010.

Mikkola’s new wall works take up central aspects of her earlier works: be it the color-qualities of her earlier sculptural figures, bodies out of clay and ceramics, glazed with translucent and yet strikingly colorful surfaces, or the fragmented and remendet grammatics of Mikkola’s comic-like drawings of the time. It seems as if her fantastically irritating candid sculptures have moved, on enforcing a space of their own. Here, the ambiguities and irritations of Mikkola’s dealings with classical genres of art, with sculpture, painting and drawing, become ever more condensed. In her collages, Mikkola layers myriads of cut-outs of painted paper, shot through with blots of colorfields, newspaperslits, tinted cardboard and figurative allusions into woven constructions of thin lines into nets and planes of texture.

In „Dark Core Breathing“ Mikkola presents spatial worlds of collage as a medium to concentrate painting, one might say. It seems that she has turned Nikolai Tarabukin’s famous infective against the than new medium of collage, that ‚collage is just another stage of painting’ of 1922, around. In her collages, painting is not fought, but rather reconstructed from a specified understanding of color, from color as a spatial line, which in itself exists as a discrete expression, but also can be bundled into an almost threatening sense of intensity. The intersecting, weaving and overlayering, with which the filigree lines of cut paper are turned into surfaces of ambiguous spatial depth, evoke a precision of pigmented Gestaltung, which brushes cannot reach. In Mikkola’s collages, gesture is individualized by construction.

On one of Mikkola’s many notes, which accompany working processes, she noted „expression beyond design“, on another one “flat implosion”, these snippets of thought, like the seemingly sombre title of the exhibition itself, „Dark Core Breathing“, mark central points of those material reflection, which emerge from her collages. They are no representations of any kind but realizations in their own right. Mikkola sometimes works years on one collage, puts it away, returns to it and gives it an undercurrent of intimacy, recurrents of hand-made experiences through art. She stages characters of beauty, colors and forms, which in her work exceed architecture-like constructions as well as designed surfaces in that she intensifies and over-details their trade marks beyond recorgnizability.
Mikkola creates a spatial world out of thin papers, starting from the determination processes of her varying formats, moving on to visual puns, unexpected, covered icons and titles, which propose an unlivable, a-real but yet seductive and corporeal space, taking its viewer into a carefully constructed excess of her own creation of space through time.

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