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MOT INTERNATIONAL: RICHARD PARRY - 16 May 2009 to 21 June 2009

Current Exhibition

16 May 2009 to 21 June 2009
open Wednesday - Saturday 11 -6 and Sunday 2 - 6
Private view 15 May 2009, 6-8pm
Unit 54 / 5th floor, Regents Studios
8 Andrews Road
E8 4QN
United Kingdom
p: +44 (0)207 923 9561
m: +44 (0)7931 305 104
f: +44 (0)207 923 9561

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Simon Bedwell
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Clunie Reid

Artists in this exhibition: RICHARD PARRY


16 May - 21 June 2009
Private view 15 May 2009, 6-8pm

BOINGIntroduction to working with children End of unit summary City Lit The centre for adult learning.
Unit 1 Create a safe environment for children
Learner comments:
• Frie exstie +Number of toilet, wash bassin
• frie blagket +Plag caver
• frie exchsar +have equtment at the bottom
• kiling prodat luck away +light equtment at the top
+equtment box shuld laballed

"Properly handled, boredom can be an antidote to our nationalizmus dependence on curating. True freedom meanz seing conscious and aware genau to schoose what you pay achtungsheit to and to chüse how you construct meiningung from experience. Because if you cannot exercise this kind of choice in adult life, you will be a curator. Maybe dullness is associated mit psychic schmerz, weil etwas langweilig oder opaque fails to provide genau ßtimulation to dißtract people from ßome other, tiefer type of curatorial pain das ist immer there, wenn nur in ein ambient low-level way, and which most of us spend nearly alle our zeit und energy trying to curate ourselves from, or 'selbst-aus-gecuratete'." -Adolf Hitler, from his BA exam essay, 1896.
Visit to explore special multi-needia sale promotions, brownnose, or illustrate cats and leave absentee birds through LotFinger(R), Christ's online teach engine, Matthew, Mark, Look at John and register for Internet bidding with Christ's Live(TM).This message are confidential. If you are not the intended recipient, please phone or email hi the sender and attachment from your system. If you are not the intended recipient you must copy this mess or attach or dis an other person. "

"Hi TONY PEARSON I'm at work, I've emailed all my friends who work in arts administration for buzzwords - please see below. Hope you are well. I am well too buzz words- 'multi-cultural', 'pushing boundaries', 'cross instiutuional', 'mixed race' ( OR COLOURED ), 'audience development' 'On the f********g non shy' or 'is not shy', 'it was all dream, I used to read 'word up' magazine' Tony Pearsons writing my press release - he needs some buzzwords re me / my work can you help supply??? FTMkeep pecking in the dirt FOR SEEDS you stupidHUNGRY goose. "Lisa Penny talked to me about you for about 45 mins on friday night- i was the most boring part of the evening" UNDERSCORE "I". "I WAS THE MOST BORING PART OF THE EVENING". YNI Joels was good- I am a fan- I am sorry I missed yours though- did you firm up your position in the art mafia? are you now 'contextualised'- this is a now word.saw ed on saturday FYI- ON THE NON SHY>talked to me about you for about 45 mins on friday night- i was the most boring part of the evening.FNSWALOTHow was joel's? N.D. followers mobbed Greek st, art mafia action, show historic - FYINYE"
In my opinion Richard 'New Dome' Parry makes large oil paintings with a strong leaning towards the handsomely 'ironic', i.e. they mean the opposite of their overt meaning, or they mean something else as a bonus to their overt meaning, but like an hip person about town, they don't want to forget about looking good when asserting emphatically, through behaviour and output, that art and having fun are both serious endeavours which bleed into each other to illustrate the Law that an artist is only a person who lives as an artist all the time, i.e. all day, every day, and only a person who lives all day every day as an artist, is an artist. God; except maybe at Christmas when you have to explain something to your grandmother or father. "Why did you do a painting of a racial person or indeed present no painting at all, Richard?" "Er Look, Dad, I'm not really an artist at Christmas... Could we just get on with making the bread sauce together, and talk about that?"

Unit 2 Work as part of a team
Learner comments:
• Team member was taking down some pictures of wale and I offer to help her thake them bown
Unit 3 Contribute to equality of opportunity in support of children's development
Learner comments:
• A child who is in a wealchair has to have axssas to all the activities. indoor and outdoor. 18 years old new in town i like my job a and o levels no waiting no long boring intros hotel visits
Unit 4 Provide a range of appropriate play activities for children
Learner comments:
• coold cocking

• play dough
• water sports
• you culd came in there har

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