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Corvi-Mora: Richard Aldrich: "Museo" - 5 May 2011 to 18 June 2011

Current Exhibition

5 May 2011 to 18 June 2011
Hours : Tuesday to Saturday 11 am to 6 pm.
1A Kempsford Road
( off Wincott Street )
SE11 4NU
United Kingdom
p: +44 0 20 7840 9111
f: +44 0 20 7840 9112

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Artists in this exhibition: Richard Aldrich

Richard Aldrich

5th May - 18th June, 2011

Opening: Thursday 5th May, 6.30-8.30 pm.

Corvi-Mora is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by US artist Richard Aldrich. The exhibition will feature a group of new paintings.

In the recent past, and in plans for future exhibitions, there has often been some sort of conceit for each show (for instance Narrative With 5 Characters here three years ago). This show is similar to the Bortolami show in 2009 in that it is more just intuitively picking paintings to go together. That said there is an outlying framework within which they all work: the idea of the museum and looking back. I always liked the word retrospective and lament how it has come to mean “a show” and not “a way of looking”. But the show is called Museo –-Italian for museum, skewed slightly in the way that an odd wall is added to the space, but also because I ʼ ve had such good experiences with Italian dealers. Just now I am looking at the works again in the real. A few go back to 2004, and in them are the beginnings of ideas I ʼ m still thinking about and working with. For instance, an early romantic painting done in January 2006, also paintings where an image or object is transferred from one canvas to another and another, simultaneously creating and recording that painting ʼ s history. Also early experiments with the role of time, as seeds planted a few years back begin to sprout here; a painting shown four years ago is exhibited again, but this time with its companion, which explains, in essence, their creation, but at the same time makes them less about process and more about the illumination of process. It is minor, if only to say it is just two of sixteen paintings, but that is the point too, lots of minor things are always happening. There is no grand statement, no singular concept to present, but rather a constellation of subtle gestures that, over time, space, medium and format, are coexisting and effecting one and other. The thesis, as it were, is more global and cannot be seen in a single painting, but rather the paintings become almost a kind of subject or subject matter in an embodiment, as opposed to an illustration, of systems interacting.

For more information or photographic material please contact the gallery.

Next exhibition: Jim Isermann 23rd June - 30th July 2011.

1a Kempsford Road
London SE11 4NU
Tel. 020 7840 9111
Fax 020 7840 9112

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