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Bob Gysin: ANDREA WOLFENSBERGER - L'ÉCUME DES JOURS - 21 May 2016 to 23 July 2016

Current Exhibition

21 May 2016 to 23 July 2016

Galerie Bob Gysin
Ausstellungsstrasse 24
CH - 8500
T: 0041 1 278 40 60
F: 0041 1 278 40 50

Andrea Wolfensberger - 16.04

Artists in this exhibition: Andrea Wolfensberger

L’écume des jours

21 May – 23 July 2016
Vernissage: Friday 20 May 2016

L’écume des jours is Andrea Wolfensberger‘s ninth solo exhibition at Galerie Bob Gysin.The title was inspired by the eponymous novel of 1947 written by French polymath, BorisVian (1920-1959), translated as either ‚Froth on the Daydream‘, ‚Foam of the Daze‘, or‚Spray of the Days‘.

L‘écume des jours evokes images and impressions rising to the surface where they formtiny bubbles that reflect the world until they burst. Brief and fleeting moments that willnever return. How can they be recorded, how can one remember them?

These are some of the questions addressed in Wolfensberger‘s most recent works, inwhich she also continues to work with sound. By contrast to her earlier works concer-ned with human acoustics, her focus this time is on the voices of songbirds capturedin Central Europe from the 1960s until the 1980s by a scientific pre-digital recordingsystem. The graphs produced by the sonagramme or sound-spectrogramme representbirds that have been disappearing from our latitudes. Wolfensberger‘s drawings trans-form the graphs into something akin to musical scores written in a familiar-looking yetbarely decipherable notation system. The signs might also be compared to Far-Easterncalligraphy. As they bring content and visual idiom together, the ‚scores‘ as such lendambiguity to the drawings. We wonder if they are abstract works of art, or charactersfrom some obscure alphabet. Whichever way we interpret these works, their creator hasreturned to an earlier interest, in particular to vast murmurations of starlings, which sherecorded on video in the 1990s.

Wolfensberger has taken her earlier ‚Sound Fields‘ further, again transforming theacoustic medium of sound into the visual, tactile medium of sculpture. Two-dimensionalrecording graphs of ephemeral sound waves are given three-dimensional shape. Herrecent glossy wall-mounted works evoke air bubbles that rise up through water to formsmall foam patches on the surface. In these new pieces, acoustic concerns recede intothe background while our attention is drawn to the sensuous ‚interference colours‘ ofthe bubbles and the immediate present that is reflected in their glossy paint and keepschanging as we move about the gallery.

In her 1990s videos, Wolfensberger poured diluted raspberry juice into round drinkingglasses with the effect that the landscape seen through them not only turned pink butalso ‚upside down‘, while in her 1980s ‚bowls‘, she played with reflections and changes inlight. The foam – écume series with its intersecting, concave ‚bubbles‘ that turn reflectedobjects on their head is an amalgamation of Wolfensberger‘s visual concerns and expe-riments.

We very much look forward to your visit.

Galerie Bob Gysin
Marion Wild

© April 2016: Translation from German by Margret Powell-Joss •

Bob Gysin

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