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Belfast Exposed Photography: Mary McIntyre - Silent, Empty, Waiting for the Day - 2 Sept 2011 to 14 Oct 2011

Current Exhibition

2 Sept 2011 to 14 Oct 2011
Gallery open Tuesday to Saturday – 11am to 4pm
Belfast Exposed Photography
The Exchange Place
23 Donegall Street
United Kingdom
T: 44 028 90 23 09 65

A Complex Variety of Greens (from Emerald to Viridian) 2011
From Silent, Empty, Waiting for the Day
© Mary McIntyre
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Artists in this exhibition: Mary McIntyre

Silent, Empty, Waiting for the Day
Mary McIntyre

Exhibition opens 1 September, 7-9pm
Exhibition runs from 2 September to 14 October 2011

Belfast Exposed is pleased to present Silent, Empty, Waiting for the Day, an exhibition of new photographs and installation by Mary McIntyre.

Mary McIntyre has worked as an artist in Northern Ireland for over twenty years. Northern Ireland, its landscape and architecture, are often the subject of her work. She photographs locations that are familiar to her, urban and rural places that she has come to know over time. She has pictured watery landscapes shrouded in fog, to create images full of soft light that obscures the edges of things. Her night-time images, of dark interiors and sodium-lit, suburban street scenes, have a similar effect where the objects photographed are continually dissolving into shadow. The works often have a dream-like, cinematic quality, which suspends the viewer between reality and imagination.

Silent, Empty, Waiting for the Day features photographs of quiet, suburban scenes. McIntyre observes a process of entropy at work in these neglected and abandoned spaces. A domestic interior, a backyard, a public park; environments that were once ordered and animated through human presence, tend slowly towards disorder. The timeless push-and-pull between man-made and natural worlds – processes of colonisation and reclamation – sets the scene for McIntyre’s formal explorations. These banal spaces appear as sophisticated, staged compositions, where the play of light and colour take the viewer into imagined depths beyond the physical surface of things.

Influenced by Romanticism and notions of the sublime, McIntyre’s photographs of private and public spaces explore the psychological character of architecture, urban design and the natural landscape. She is interested in how these places make us feel, in atmosphere and what can be ‘sensed’ from the landscape, as well as what can be read. Her works, therefore, contain an emotional charge, a feeling of melancholy or foreboding, of meditative, even spiritual, reflection. Through McIntyre’s work, we are presented with a quiet, brooding landscape, a place of beauty, infused with anxiety and unease.

Artist’s biography
Mary McIntyre has exhibited her work extensively both nationally and internationally and her work is held in numerous public and private collections. Mary is a Reader in Fine Art with the University of Ulster. Her main research area is Fine Art, specialising in photography, lens-based and time-based practice.

Silent, Empty, Waiting for the Day is supported by Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Belfast City Council and Department of Social Development. Mary McIntyre would like to acknowledge support for her work by University of Ulster.

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