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Beaconsfield: Open House London: Luis Carvajal and Annie Davey/ 15mm Films - 15 Sept 2007 to 16 Sept 2007

Current Exhibition

15 Sept 2007 to 16 Sept 2007

22 Newport Street
SE11 6AY
United Kingdom
p: 44 (0) 20 7 582 6465
f: 44 (0) 20 7 582 6486

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Open House London

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Artists in this exhibition: Luis Carvajal, Annie Davey, Katherine Araniello, Brian Catling, Charlie Fennell, Laurence Harvey, Simon Raven, Juliet Robson, Philip Ryder, Aaron Williamson

Open House London: Luis Carvajal and Annie Davey/ 15mm Films

Beaconsfield Commissions 2007

Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 September
Opening hours 1-5pm

For Open House London 2007, two co-existing activities will take place within the Beaconsfield venue at 22 Newport Street, each performance reflecting the respective characters of two linked sites: a 19th century school building that now houses Beaconsfield in its remaining wing and the adjacent double railway arch.

The former Lambeth Ragged School, Lower space ­ Luis Carvajal and Annie Davey: Puss and Mew London Dry Gin

Puss and Mew is an inter-disciplinary project by Luis Carvajal and Annie Davey who have collaborated since 2004, exploring the relation of gin to English social history through the recreation and reinvention of cultural artefacts and phenomena.

The artists speculate that the Lambeth Ragged School (opened by the Beaufoys in 1851) was perhaps built as an act of philanthropic guilt, by a family that had made its fortune distilling. It is said that they made gin until one of their members saw a copy of Hogarth's Gin Lane and resolved to have no more to do with this 'destructive force', turning instead to the production of vinegar.

A Puss and Mew London Dry Gin bar will be in operation in the former girls wing over Open House weekend.

The Arch space ­ 15mm Films: The Way In

A semi-fictional film set in a festering railway arch squat. A disability-led collective rehearse scenes inspired by 1970's terror factions, contemporary reality TV and lo-fi spontaneous performanace art, for a disability terrorism film they seem to be about to make.

Katherine Araniello, Brian Catling, Charlie Fennell, Laurence Harvey, Simon Raven, Juliet Robson, Philip Ryder and Aaron Williamson are the core artists of the 15mm Films collective. The group work collaboratively on a project basis and are linked by a willingness to describe themselves as "disabled".

For further information, please contact Rachel Fleming-Mulford e:
t: 020 7582 6465 Beaconsfield, 22 Newport Street, London, SE11 6AY

Editor¹s note:

Beaconsfield took over the lease of the Former Lambeth Ragged School in 1994. Working with LKM Architects, Beaconsfield¹s directors restored the derelict building and transformed it into a contemporary art space ­ stripping it back to its original open-plan design and adding new toilet and kitchen facilities. In 1998, Beaconsfield acquired the use of the double Victorian railway arch, adding another exhibition space, which has since been sandblasted (2005) and linked to the Lower space via a covered walkway (2006).

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