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Beaconsfield: Soundtrap IV: John Wynne | Alex Kershaw | Bob and Roberta Smith - 16 June 2009 to 18 Oct 2009

Current Exhibition

16 June 2009 to 18 Oct 2009

Opening Times: Tuesday – Sunday 11am - 5pm
22 Newport Street
SE11 6AY
United Kingdom
p: 44 (0) 20 7 582 6465
f: 44 (0) 20 7 582 6486

Soundtrap IV: John Wynne
Installation View, Beaconsfield, 2009
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Artists in this exhibition: John Wynne, Bob and Roberta Smith, Alex Kershaw, Monica Ross

Gallery 1: Artist in Residence
Soundtrap IV: John Wynne
16 June – 18 October 2009
Exhibition opens 8th September

Opening times: Tues – Sun, 11am - 5pm

Beaconsfield, 22 Newport Street,
Vauxhall, London SE11 6AY

Bouncing off the Walls

exploring architectural acoustics and the sculptural potential of sound and redundant technology

John Wynne has been commissioned to engage in a research residency that will culminate in an exhibition (opening 8 September) for Beaconsfield, the central London site dedicated to providing a critical space for creative enquiry.

Throughout June and July, Wynne will work in Gallery 1 with two assistants, Kimmo Modig and Antoine Bertin, to make a new, site-specific sculptural sound installation using a player-piano, a found vacuum cleaner and more than 300 discarded but working hi-fi speakers.

Soundtrap IV: John Wynne

Exhibition 9 September – 18 October 2009 (on-site residency was from 16th June)
Tuesday – Sunday 11am-5pm
Performance event – 24 September at 7pm

Preview on 9th September 6-9pm
Beaconsfield, 22 Newport Street, London SE11 6AY

A 32 channel digital sound controller throws a pianola and a collection of more than 300 recycled hi-fi speakers into dynamic relationship in John Wynne's new sonic sculpture.

The Soundtrap research residency at Beaconsfield has enabled Wynne to explore its architectural acoustics with precision. The spatial composition is informed by everyday noises reaching the room from beyond its walls and high-level audio tools have allowed the artist to experiment with the way in which computers can be used to, in effect, draw and sculpt with moving sound. The research leads to a computer-generated installation, offset by the acoustic interventions of a modified player-piano, powered by a domestic vacuum cleaner and re-programmed with a new score encoded on its paper roll.

“The Victorian technology of the player piano is a perfect fit for the surroundings of Beaconsfield, which was originally a Ragged School for deprived children. It will be used not in a musical way but visually as a sculptural element and sonically as a kind of tone generator to explore the remarkable acoustics of the space. Although precisely what the piece will look and sound like will only develop gradually over the residency, it will hover on the borders of sound and music, playing on the aura of the absent/redundant performer and on the personality and history of the gathered speakers.” JW

John Wynne’s research log:

On 24 September at 7pm Rex Lawson will give a rare performance of Conlon Nancarrow studies for player piano, and will join Ed Baxter and John Wynne in a discussion on sound art, player pianos and cultural redundancy. Admission £5.

Further information and bookings for 24.9.09 at +44 (0) 207 5826465

Soundtrap IV is a Beaconsfield Commission supported by the PRS Foundation and Arts and Humanities
Research Council. The artist also wishes to thank his two assistants, Kimmo Modig and Antoine Bertin, Rex Lawson of the Pianola Institute, Richmond Sound Design and Harmonic Functions Inc. Beaconsfield is a Regularly Funded Organisation of Arts Council England.
We regret that Gallery 1 is not accessible to wheelchair users.

Soundtrap IV: John Wynne is the fourth in Beaconsfield’s annual commission series for new sonic works and cements the gallery’s position as the foremost site for sound art in London.

ALSO THIS SUMMER at Beaconsfield

The Ragged Canteen is open Tuesday-Sunday 11 am - 5pm serving a range of ethically sourced, fresh vegetarian food, Monmouth coffee, teas and cakes.

Gallery 2
9 June - 9 August, FlatScreen
Alex Kershaw: 3 films made between 2005 and 2009
A Lake Without Water, 2005/06 9 June - 28 June
One of Several Centres, 2007/08 30 June - 19 July
Phi Ta Khon Project, 2008/09 21 July - 9 August

Alex Kershaw is based in Sydney and works with video and photography to generate unexpected relationships between people and their terrain. Often spending extended periods researching locations and characters, Kershaw’s quiet activism blurs the boundaries between everyday activity and devised performance as ordinary people become involved in the work.

Gallery 3
30 June - 18 October
Bob and Roberta Smith
Factory Outlet: This Artist is Deeply Dangerous, 2009

Artist in Residence from 22 February - 18 October
Exhibition 7 November - 21 February 2010
Preview 6 November at 6pm

As recession bites, Bob & Roberta Smith are making the most of the spacious Beaconsfield premises, turning the former Ragged School into a prolific site of production for one whole year. On 6 November a launch event from 6pm will open a venue wide exhibition of Bob’s work in
Phase: Bob and Roberta Smith, Factory Outlet: This Artist is Deeply Dangerous.

This is the first in the Beaconsfield series Phase, which turns the spotlight on mid-career artists with whom the organisation has had a significant past relationship.

Gallery 3 Performance
19 September at 2.30pm
Monica Ross
Anniversary: an act of memory

Anniversary: an act of memory is a national participatory arts project marking the 60th anniversary year of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Monica Ross is striving to memorise the full document and to reiterate it sixty times in meaningful situations and places throughout 2009. On 19 September, Monica Ross will co-perform the Declaration with a group of other artists at Beaconsfield in Gallery 3, the site of the project’s first manifestation as rightsrepeated, 2005.

Performance presented as part of Open House London
(19 - 20 September 2009) celebrating the capital’s architecture.

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