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Andrea Rosen Gallery: Friedrich Kunath : Twilight | Gallery 2 : László Moholy-Nagy : Photography and Sculpture - 7 Sept 2007 to 13 Oct 2007

Current Exhibition

7 Sept 2007 to 13 Oct 2007

Andrea Rosen Gallery
525 West 24 Street
NY 10011
New York, NY
New York
North America
p: 212 627 6000
f: 212 627 5450

Friedrich Kunath : Twilight
Installation View Andrea Rosen Gallery
Photo by Christopher Burke
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Artists in this exhibition: Friedrich Kunath, László Moholy-Nagy

Are dreams set in hallways because the perspective is screwed? Or because they are the long, open, unused stages in our homes?

Andrea Rosen Gallery is delighted to present Twilight, an exhibition incorporating sculpture, painting, and photography by German artist Friedrich Kunath. This is Kunath's first main room exhibition at Andrea Rosen Gallery following his Gallery 2 show in 2005.

In the beginning of this year Kunath started to work on a group of sculptures that continue his exploration of how the impossible can be made manifest; inscribed on the edge of reality. The horizon of perception and the ability to suspend disbelief becomes tangible through recombination, adjustment of scale, omission, remodeling, painting over or mirroring.

The magic of Kunath's work is its physical and visceral magnification of sincere emotion. A double door with diamond eyes casts a literal and figurative shadow through the exhibition space.

There is a road within the home
some pine slats in the corner
and lamps along the walls that give the path an endlessness
at night.

If one is to continue the thread of David Berman's poem, a hallway is furnished with Kunath's complex versions of a barstool, a chimney, a shelf, a grand piano, a bathtub, a staircase, a coffin, and a wardrobe. Kunath's work continues to have a sublime sense of the personal and the obscure. The photographs and paintings on the wall anticipate the story of the sculptures; a jacket left hanging on an empty sheet of music paper, a smiling, deep-fried snowman sitting on a skull, a sailing boat passing a half-sunken portrait.

While each piece is a discrete work, the shadow is a joining agent. Loneliness, absurdity, and humor intertwine; the group of objects seem to be waiting - in a house about to be lived in, or one about to be moved out of. Kunath's title for the show, Twilight, also addresses this interim state when great potential, hope, and melancholy play together in a disorienting mix.

An outdoors that is somehow indoors.

Friedrich Kunath was born in Chemnitz in 1974 and in 2005 was awarded the Jilrgen Ponto-Foundation Stipend, Frankfurt. Recent exhibitions include a group show at Tate Modern, London and solo shows at BQ, Cologne (2007) and Blum & Poe, Los Angeles (2006). This fall his work will be included in an exhibition at Museum fur Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt.

Gallery 2 : László Moholy-Nagy

"The true artist is the grindstone of the senses; he sharpens eyes, mind, and feeling; he interprets ideas and concepts through his own media."

László Moholy-Nagy,
Vision in Motion

Andrea Rosen Gallery is delighted to announce our second significant exhibition of the work of László Moholy-Nagy. Five years ago the gallery unveiled a selection of Moholy's color photographs that had never been seen before, marking the beginning of our journey with Moholy's work and our relationship with the Estate of László Moholy-Nagy. That first exhibition focused on the strikingly contemporary feel of the photographs as a testament to Moholy's innovative sensibility and influence on contemporary photography. As a central component of the gallery's programming, we are interested in exploring not only how the connections between historical and contemporary works reveal new contexts for looking at art, but also the interrelatedness within an individual artist's body of work. In this exhibition we have juxtaposed some of the most significant examples of his sculptural works with selected photographs, which present both lyrical and formal relationships and illuminate the significance of the three-dimensional object across his use of varied media.

The current exhibition looks at how Moholy used the same subject and materials to explore the complete transformation of light, reflection, and transparency through different media. While Moholy has received a lot of attention recently, with a monograph, László Moholy-Nagy: Color in Transparency, published by Steidl in 2006 and an international exhibition that traveled to the Tate Modern in London, the Kunsthalle Bielefeld and the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, we found it particularly fascinating and relevant to extend the discourse by providing a focus on the interrelationships between Moholy's sculpture, photographs, paintings and kinetic works. This exhibition also creates an especially interesting link following our summer 2007 exhibition 1950s-1960s Kinetic Abstraction, which included eight artists who were all strongly influenced by Moholy's work and theories.

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