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ADN Galeria: Santiago Cirugeda - FOR SALE - 16 Dec 2010 to 4 Feb 2011

Current Exhibition

16 Dec 2010 to 4 Feb 2011

ADN Galeria
c/ Enrique Granados, 49
p: +34 93 451 0064
f: +34 93 675 2423

Santiago Cirugeda - FOR SALE
Installation view, ADN Galeria
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Artists in this exhibition: Santiago Cirugeda

For Sale


Opening: December 16th, 2010 from 7.30 p.m.
From December 16th , 2010 Until February 4th , 2011

On December 16th, ADN Galería presents its second solo show in Barcelona of Santiago Cirugeda, “For Sale”, coinciding with his presence in the exhibition Catalizadors in the Centre d’Arts Santa Mónica.

Cirugeda spent the last fifteen years developing countless projects in that architectonic branch which, instead of just designing buildings, tries to provide new habitats hoping for a possible social reorganization, inspired by the Archigram model of “Instant City” (1968). At the end of the 90’s he’d already caught media attention by setting up a provisional scaffolding in the front of the building where he lived. Ever after, Cirugeda kept on producing Situaciones Urbanas (Urban Situations): projects that the artist himself describes as “reports aimed at claiming irregularities or transgressions so often committed by public administrations or many private middlemen”. He is constantly driven by the intention of waking up citizen responsibilities before public administrations’ decisions.
In a first area “For Sale” will be the opportunity to see in detail the partial or complete production of shows initially developed for other exhibiting spaces: 3 models, a video and about twenty panels of the Alhóndiga Project (Bilbao 2010); a picture of Maxxi Project (Roma 2010); models for the Málaga 1937 Memorial (ARCO 2007); some documentary material of the project realized for Cajasol (Sevilla 2001) and the complete documentation of the INICIARTE project (Sevilla 2010).

The second area of the show will be a chance to sublease some of the spaces kept by the Recetas Urbanas group in other expos. Reproducing the real estate style, Cirugeda will present some displays representing the complete and priced files of the available spaces, both in Spain and abroad. In this way anybody will have the chance to exhibit his projects, argued and organized by Recetas Urbanas in order to conceal the actual author.

Aiming to ironize on his alternative and activist production, Santiago Cirugeda uses the last part of this show for putting up some of his production for sale. There’ll be exposed constructive elements, street furniture or even some of the proposals used during the illegal actions organized by the Recetas Urbanas group. These can be bought as an artistic item or as an opportunity to realize an action and “feel alternative and alegal”. This selection will include objects such as a streetlamp bench; a normal bench or a bike rack ready to be cemented, or even a detachable crane, essential to build an illegal flat on the terrace roof.

One of the constant features in the artist’s trajectory is his incessant search for a way to recycle spaces and materials, and to take advantage of the gaps in the city-planner regulations. In “For Sale” Santiago Cirugeda wants to recycle his productions in order to emphasize this climate of crisis that spread out affecting every type of market, including the artistic. The point is that everything can be sold, bought or rented, even productions, illegal actions and exhibiting spaces.

Coinciding with the show at ADN Galería, Cirugeda will take part in the Santa Mónica Art Centre groupe xhibition “Catalitzadors”, during which he will present the publication “Camiones, Contenedores, Colectivos. Recetas Urbanas” by Paula Álvarez ed. Vib[ ]k, and his documentary “Enlared” realized together with Guillermo Cruz.

Santiago Cirugeda lives and works in the city of Seville, where he was born in 1971. He is a graduated architect, and he collaborates with many collectives, planning Situaciones Urbanas since 1995. In 2004 he enlarged, within the project Prótesis Institucional, the Espai d’Art Contemporani in Castellón. In 2005 he restored and improved the roof of the Fine Arts University in Málaga, within the project Aulario – Trinchera Autoconstruido. In 2006 he designed, together with Rogelio López Cuenca, “Málaga 1937”: the memorial for the Civil War victims in Málaga. In 2008 he provisionally enlarged the Centre d’Art Contemporani Bňlit, in Girona, with the Project “El Niu”. He shows his projects in many international museums such as the Swope Art Museum in USA or the Museo Nazionali delle Arti del XXI Secolo in Rome, as well as several foundations and national museums.

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