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1301PE: Blake Rayne and Scott Lyall
rationalisme appliqué
- 26 Jan 2010 to 6 Mar 2010

Current Exhibition

26 Jan 2010 to 6 Mar 2010

6150 Wilshire Boulevard
CA 90048
Los Angeles, CA
North America
p: +1 323 938 5822
f: +1 323 938 6106

Blake Rayne and Scott Lyall
rationalisme appliqué
Installation View, 1301PE, 2010
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Artists in this exhibition: Blake Rayne, Scott Lyall

Blake Rayne and Scott Lyall
rationalisme appliqué

26 January – 6 March 2010
Reception: Tuesday, 26 January 2010
6.00 – 9.00pm

1301PE is pleased to announce rationalisme appliqué, our first exhibition with artists Blake Rayne and Scott Lyall. On the galleryʼs ground floor Rayne and Lyall will construct an institutional setting to view projected work. A collaborative wall drawing made onsite will complement the didactic seating arrangement. Discrete works constitute the second portion of the show and will be exhibited on the gallery’s second floor. Among these pieces will be a series of unique works made using various printing techniques. The layers involved in the production of these works speak to the nature of collaboration, highlighting the points of contact as well as the impossible gaps created by a relationship between two or more entities.

“As a consequence of an encounter, what is the possibility of a Two which counts neither as one, nor as the sum of one plus one?” - Alain Badiou, “Scéne de Deux”

In a cheerful homage to Alain Badiou, Rayne and Lyall investigate Badiouʼs assertion of a nonexistent rapport between singular objects. Their explorations raise questions about why some objects can connect through the event of a relationship while others, namely commodities, cannot. Presented in the space of the gallery, Rayne and Lyall’s capricious search for the relationship between entities gains a paradoxical slant. The artists wax institutional as they search for unstable connections in liminal spaces – a concern that also governs the artistsʼ individual practices.

Scott Lyall’s artistic practice is grounded in research into the relationships between graphic processes, sculptural display, and the design legacies of conceptualism. He has pursued his work through graphic design, works on paper, and in writings, as well as in large-scale exhibitions featuring work in various media. Along with upcoming solo shows in London and Toronto, he will be the sole Canadian artist to participate in the 2008 SITE Santa Fe Biennial.

Blake Rayne’s work maintains a stake for painting in response to the complex��and increasingly abstracted field of contemporary image making. His works manifest a desire for critical and intellectual engagement within a wide scope of visual culture. Rayne has exhibited throughout the United States and Europe with solo shows at Miguel Abreu Gallery in New York, Ghislaine Hussenot in Paris, and Sutton Lane in London. He currently teaches art at Columbia University in New York.

For additional information please contact Mieke Marple or Brian Butler.

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