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KP PROJECTS presents Deedee Cheriel: When Brown Chicks Take Over the World // Tim Hussey: Badeschiff

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4 Mar 2017 to 1 Apr 2017
Tuesday- Saturday, 12 pm - 6 pm
Saturday, March 4th, 7 - 10pm
170 South La Brea Avenue
(In the ART 170 Building)
Los Angeles, CA
North America
T: 1 323 933 4408
F: 1 323 935 4406

Tim Hussey
Badeschiff 5
Oil, acrylic, spray paint, collage on canvas, 41 x 51"

Artists in this exhibition: Deedee Cheriel, Tim Hussey

Deedee Cheriel: When Brown Chicks Take Over the World // Tim Hussey - Badeschiff
Exhibition Dates: March 4th – April 1st, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 4th, 7 - 10pm
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Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 12 – 6pm

Deedee Cheriel
Deedee Cheriel's latest exhibition, When Brown Chicks Take Over the World, follows a new direction with imagery and vibrancy in both color use and intent. The new works are meditations on protest songs.

Through folkloric imagery, Cheriel retells contemporary histories. In one painting, a snake stares into the eyes of lady-bird reading a book in a tree; inspired by Victor Jara, a Chilean musician who was martyred for his outspoken criticism of the Chilean dictatorship of the 70’s. The work references the notion that you cannot kill knowledge or ideas. In another work, a bird navigates its path into the future atop an owl, hinting at the importance of the use of science to determine fact, and the spreading of truth to protect future generations amidst the current climate of repression of free speech.

Many of Cheriel’s iconographic references relate to issues at the forefront of our current society; a celebration of diverse and varied culture, represented by the animals coming together in unity rather than divided by their inherent differences. Another piece titled "History Will Be Rewritten by the Losers" features two incredibly strong, dark-skinned horsewomen caring a mountain size stone, an allusion to the monumental shifting of nature and how we can recreate environments with effort and dedication.

Stylistically, some of Cheriel’s reduced compositions carry richer tones of azure and charcoal grey and reference 60s modernism in the use of bright color and simple pop art compositions. These works, alongside the artist’s trademark creamy naturalistic backgrounds, continue to evolve her animal symbolism and narrative. The paintings join ancient legend with modern life, predator with prey, east with west, and man with beast – weaving an appropriately complex and optimistic tapestry of the societal fusion that defines our contemporary world.

Deedee Cheriel entered the art world as a teenager, designing T-shirts and record covers for the Oregon music scene of the early ‘90s. By nineteen, she had joined several bands, founded her own record label, and co-created the semi-autobiographical film Down and Out With Dolls. She has lived and exhibited in many countries, including Denmark, Honduras, Chile, England, Portugal, Spain, and India. Now based in Los Angeles, Cheriel’s work is rooted in her deep love of nature and keen observations on interpersonal relationships. 

Tim Hussey
KP Projects is proud to present the latest exhibition from Tim Hussey, Badeschiff. Badeschiff is a visual journey of self-discovery in the wake the artist’s mother’s passing. Inspired by a recent trip to Berlin and Dresden in Germany on both a technical and spiritual level, this exhibition is a calming soliloquy of Hussey’s thoughts, emotions and consciousness.

Badeschiff is a floating public pool in Berlin's Spree river, which itself is too polluted for swimming. This pristine pool, Badeschiff (translates to ‘bathing ship’ in German), represents a sanctuary in the middle of a contaminated landscape—a branch to hold onto, a place to reflect, a way to find clarity.

Influenced by a visit to the acclaimed German Expressionist collection at the Albertinum Museum in Dresden, Hussey relates his own existential quest to the emotional intensity of Expressionism’s concern for humanity. For the artist, the loss of authenticity and spirituality during the social and economic struggles of the early 20th century is reflected in own our contemporary culture. Metaphorically, we are all searching for the pool of respite embodied in the badeschiff.

Hussey’s work can be described as ambiguous abstraction, mainly composed of frenetic forms and indiscernible space. With hints of recognizable moments pointing to a larger narrative, he is more interested in the broad strokes of the human condition, why we are here, and where we are going, rather than the minutia of every day. Badeschiff overlays these unanswerable questions, while holding steady to the belief that we can still find peace no matter what the circumstance.

Tim Hussey was born in Dover, Delaware in 1970 and grew up in Charleston, SC. He received his Bachelors in Fine Arts in 1992 from Rhode Island School of Design, spending his junior year at Parsons, Paris. He has received numerous awards from American Illustration, Print Magazine and The Society of Publication Designers, meanwhile teaching related courses at The School of Visual Arts, NY. In 2009, filmmaker Adam Boozer shot a 45-minute documentary on Tim’s life and artwork, entitled “Running By Sight” which was an official selection at the DocMiami Film Festival and was aired at Comic-Con, 2011. His murals can be seen in Santa Monica at the studio of Larry David, and his memorial to the Mother Emanuel shootings can be seen in Charleston, SC. Hussey’s art has appeared in Dwell, Huffington Post, Architectural Digest, Harper’s, American Art Collector, Real Simple, NYArts Magazine. His first monograph Drown Then Swim (forward by Shepard Fairey) was released in 2010. Hussey currently divides his time between Los Angeles and Charleston with his wife Elise.

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