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CuratorSpace  presents Q

23 June 2006 to 23 July 2006
Open Wed-Sat, 12-6pm
Opening: Thursday 22nd June 6-9pm
47 Great Eastern St
United Kingdom
p: 020 7613 5727

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Dermot O Brien

Artists in current exhibition:

Q might stand for many things to different people. In this case it stands or Quotidian (something done or experienced on a daily basis).

Daniel Whibley exhibits photographs documenting investigations he made with string, a wooden box and the geometrical nature of their effect on the corner of a wall. Using a camera to frame our directed attention, he manipulates the limitations set by the eventual flatness of photography. Relating to the camera as medium for making art, like string or a wooden box, he constructs his subject matter into a visual dialogue that can be viewed differently with every glance.
Mary Yacoob questions the importance of unconscious doodles. Her piece is a wall work made with ballpoint pens directly onto the wall of the gallery. Taking on the perimeters of her space and measuring the same as that of her own height it records the processes of doodling created over a three day period. Listening to the radio on a walkman while working, she devised a system of notation determined by the frequency of songs, speech and adverts to determine the size and position of her mark and recorded in pencil.
Chong Boon Pok draws attention to the everyday through the reinvention, or more accurately the rejuvenation of disposable things. His materials incorporate everyday elements such as used chopsticks, plastic bottles and hazard tape. In contrast, his film piece is more expressive of his contemplative approach to art and life as an entity.
Filming the water surface of a canal, he waits for something to enter the view of the camera and break the steady pattern of the water surface. He invites the audience to anticipate a “happy coincidence” to occur and break the surface of the canal.
Gary O’Connor recreates a familiar scent in the gallery aiming to provoke certain feelings in the viewer.
Accompanying this scent is an audio piece. In this recording the artist re-counts a story about a boy growing up within the shadow of a factory that produces artificial flavourings and fragrances, and about the strange effect this has on the inhabitants of the town where he lives. In a way the gallery space is part of an experiment with our senses. What Gary presents us with is a concept of art as potentially an experience that can be evoked to create new connections with our senses.
Dermot O’Brien presents a series of corners of pages carefully removed from all the books within his possession, each being the third page or usually blank flyleaf in a book. These are displayed as a collective work of art, subtle differences in paper quality and tone become apparent and effects of life on each page tells their own story. Accompanying this piece is a series of delicate sculptures that inhabit the floor space below. These are minutely detailed yet barely visible creations made of clay depicting faces and little figures that risk being crushed if not noticed.
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