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TJ Silverlake

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Arcade Fire, 62" x 43.5", 2005.
Arcade Fire, 62" x 43.5", 2005.

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Description: Original digital prints: pigmented inks on archival paper, mounted on white sintra board with wood inset frame and non-glare plexiglass face. This work was created in the spring of 2005 as part of the series “Moving Color” an exploration of highly detailed, digitally rendered, abstract images.
Test Transmission,  43" x 43", 2005.
Test Transmission, 43" x 43", 2005.
Winning The War,  62" x 43.5", 2005.
Winning The War, 62" x 43.5", 2005.
Actual Facts, 62" x 43.5", 2005.
Actual Facts, 62" x 43.5", 2005.
Hiding All The Way, 62" x 43.5", 2005.
Hiding All The Way, 62" x 43.5", 2005.
My work deals with light, color, abstraction, hyper-realism, and digital technologies. It is based on my belief that the viewer’s experience defines the art and that my job as an artist is to make that conceptual experience strong, meaningful and essentially positive.


Images flicker washed out color across the face of a small television console. Sound is turned too low to hear, no one is listening. NBC is broadcasting an afternoon show in color. A gray-haired man sleeps on the couch by the TV. Snoring lightly. Dressed in khaki work pants and light short sleeve shirt, he lies, arms folded peacefully across his chest, at a slight angle to support his head on the couch arm. The couch has soft pink, red and blue floral designs scattered throughout its cotton beige fabric covering. A matching chair sits across the small living room. Floral bed sheets cover the cushions, protection against the activity of a busy household.

The man stirs and rubs a well-tanned hand across his nose, then resumes the crossed-arm pose. A deep breath catches in his chest, generating a short bout of coughing before he eases back into the afternoon nap. Moments later, he’s shifting for comfort. Blue eyes open and look lazily around the room, scanning the connected dining area and the hallway leading to the front door. Then he rolls face first into the couch cushion, pulling his body into a loose fetal position. He doesn’t see his son, sitting across the room.
Five Foot One, 48" x 43.5", 2005.
Five Foot One, 48" x 43.5", 2005.

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TJ Silverlake
24004 Oak Vale Drive
Valencia, CA 91355
Los Angeles, CA
North America

T: 1 6612559030
F: 1 6613102126
M: 1 6616451549

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