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Sandra Beccarelli

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About My Work
My practice centres on themes of movement and change, light and dark, order and chaos (in nature and in psychological states).  I like the way nature can reflect or effect our emotions; how mist passes and disperses to show intense clarity, if only for a moment; small pockets of intensity; lucidity in the dark, where shadows shift and emotions change.

I see the shadowy area as a merging or crossover between two possibilities where change occurs.  I see it as a transitional place, a disruption, where consciousness and order slips

The word "emotion" comes from the Latin "emovere", meaning "disturbance" or "disruption".  I pursue this idea in my drawings and paintings through creating structured working systems then disrupting them, sometimes selecting colours and directional marks by the roll of a dice.  Order and control give way to spontaneity and chance


                            "From Surface To Structure"
    This exhibition coming up at Jean Luc Baroni, 7 -8 Mason's Yard, London is the first contemporary show to be held in the gallery.  Previously known for dealing in the classical realm of Old Master paintings and drawings, "From Surface to Structure", curated by Novella Baroni and Flavio Ginassi promises to be an exciting shift into the contemporary practice of drawing and sculpture.  They "share a mutual passion for a certain purity of vision in the artist, a muscular yet refined execution of line and detail and expression of sheer form."  Both were guided by a "simple, honest and singular eye for quality". The result, they trust, is a show encompassing talents of wonderful variety yet delightfully harmonious intent.
Artists: Matteo Baroni, Adrien- Angelo Bastien, Mark Beattie, Sandra Beccarelli, Diane Kauffman and Fiona Robinson
                              14th June - 5th July 2013

upcoming exhibition Dec 3 2015 - Jan 31st 2016
                                                      BEYOND THE SURFACE OF SEEING
                                                                       Solo show and residency
                                        Orleans House Stables gallery  
                                                    3 December 2015 - 31 January 2016      

"Beyond the Surface of Seeing" brings together a selection of works investigating the 'unseen' or 'hidden' aspects within nature. Within the space of the gallery, large scale paintings will be shown alongside more intimate and investigative drawings and mixed media works, drawing parallels between the grand scales in nature and the minutiae of energies unseen.  In this way, relationships can be made between works, how repetition, rhythm and mark- making play a central role and how the process of making the art work is intrinsic to the imagery itself.

Gallery opening times: Tuesday - Sunday 10.00 am - 5pm
Admission free      Car parking within the grounds
Orleans House Stables Gallery, Riverside, Twickenham, TW1 3DJ
Tel: 0208 831 6000

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