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Oona Stern

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NOW ON VIEW: Ice Notes


Ice Notes

by Cheryl E. Leonard and Oona Stern, has just been published in At Length magazine.

This collection of writing, photography, sound, and drawing offers a glimpse of the remote Arctic, as well as a window into the working process and work-in-progress of Adfreeze Project, an ongoing collaboration between composer Cheryl Leonard and visual artist Oona Stern. 

To view the project, visit:


RECENTLY ON EXHIBIT: at Kurant and Castelli


Monacobreen N79°31.14 E12°24.85


Oona Stern and Cheryl Leonard: Adfreeze Project


Kurant Gallery, Tromsø, Norway

Insomnia Festival for Future Music and Techno Culture

October 21-22, 2011


In October 2011 visual artist Oona Stern and composer Cheryl Leonard sailed in the Svalbard archipelago with the Arctic Circle artist residency. We gathered material for Adfreeze Project, a series of portraits of select sites in the region.

Our first piece, Monacobreen, was developed for exhibition at the Kurant Gallery in Tromsø, Norway, in conjunction with the Insomnia Festival for Future Music and Techno Culture. This piece is based on the Monaco Glacier in Liefdefjorden, on the north side of Spitsbergen. A composition using field recordings is combined with video projected onto the floor of the gallery, overlaying a pattern of transported stones. A silhouette of the glacier is rendered on the walls.

The installation brings aspects of Svalbard’s unique environment into the gallery, in a way which places the viewer into the glacial fjord itself, conveying the nature of light, sound, space, and time from a remote region. Combining scientific practices (research) with artistic ones (presentation), the goal of Adfreeze Project is to relate the characteristics of the Arctic: its temporal attributes, unique physicality, and spiritual presence. Adfreeze is part of a new generation of earthworks which seek not only to (re)present nature, but to facilitate the growing desire of people all over to live with nature rather than try to conquer it.

View the installation at:

More on Adfreeze Project:

Middle Age   

July 8 - August 12, 2011

Castelli Gallery, NYC


Leo Castelli is pleased to announce Middle Age, a group exhibition curated with Diana Kingsley. The exhibition features works by John Baldessari, Jasper Johns, Diana Kingsley, Roy Lichtenstein, Richard Pettibone, Ed Ruscha, Ludwig Schwarz, Oona Stern, Lawrence Weiner, and Erwin Wurm.




The Arctic Circle   

October 2011

An interdisciplinary residency, sailing the Spitsbergen archipelago in Svalbard, north of the Arctic Circle.

the reluctant naturalist

Monday, January 24 – Saturday, February 26, 2011

Westchester Community College Fine Arts Gallery

In January 2009 Oona Stern travelled to Palmer Station in Antarctica as a fellow with the National Science Foundation’s Antarctic Artists and Writers Program. The study of ice and its structures was the focus of Stern’s Antarctic research, and the reluctant naturalist is the first solo exhibition of work based on her residency.

Palmer Station, on Anvers Island in the archipelago of the Antarctic Peninsula, offered easy observation of many forms of ice - from calving glaciers to fields of brash ice drifting on the tide out to sea. Motoring daily to different sites in a Zodiac boat, Stern produced dozens of field drawings and shot thousands of photographs. This research data is the source material for the work exhibited. The exhibit, which ranges from sketchbooks to sculpture, reveals both the visual tapestry of this rarely visited region, as well as the range of support services which makes such research possible.

The National Science Foundation created the Antarctic Artists and writers Program to facilitate work in the arts to promote the Antarctic heritage of humankind, increasing public understanding of the region.

Palmer Station, Antarctica   

January 2009


A residency granted through the Antarctic Artists and Writers Program of the National Science Foundation.

Interview with the Antarctic Sun



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