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Nedko Bucev

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Eyes Blue Sea, Oil on Canvas, 30X40 in. 2016
Eyes Blue Sea, Oil on Canvas, 30X40 in. 2016

The paint is compounded by pigment and medium. Pigments are natural particles extracted from soil, rocks, insects and plants or are the result of a chemical process. The pigment has the substance and color of the original source and painting with it means transferring this substance to an unoriginal subject. The action of painting is taking away the subject's authenticity and deteriorates it to a banal quality. Painting an image make sense only if it is only the Paint/color itself represented. One spill of Lemon Yellow paint is more authentic and closer to Nature than any hyper- realistic painting on canvas.

Never Started Job, Mixed media
Never Started Job, Mixed media
My work should have purely aesthetic and hedonistic reading in a complete absence of any socio-political, didactic or moral interpretations. The paint objects I am creating could be defined, as “art for the art’s sake” because the only quality they meet is their form and color. My artistic credo is that art should be a constant exploration looking for inspiring discoveries and the artist should maintain himself at a safe distance from clichés, ideology, and commerce.
Waved Green, Oil on Canvas, 30X40 in. 2015
Waved Green, Oil on Canvas, 30X40 in. 2015
#72, Mixed media, 25X75X10 in. 2016
#72, Mixed media, 25X75X10 in. 2016
Paint Stroke #13, Acrylic 5X12X3 in. 2015
Paint Stroke #13, Acrylic 5X12X3 in. 2015
I have the manner of perceiving things as any academically taught artist and it marks to any main artistic endeavors. When I saw the students in that studio of Iowa University painting live models from observation, everything was well known except that huge abstract masterpiece of Jackson Pollock in the wall behind the models. Then, I watched how the students were painting the body academically and how they were also reproducing by habit the abstract work of Pollack on the canvas, as it was any other object in the back of that model. For me what I was experiencing in that Iowa studio was a mistake of the teachers and the students there.

Based on that “mistake”, I started my first abstract works. First, I spilled on glass one large, about ten inches, paint stroke with oil paint. Then I started studying it with my photographic camera taking hundreds of pictures, changing the light and the points of view. Finally, I painted on canvas one position of the paint stroke enlarged twenty times with traditional method of painting from observation.

The finished painted canvas looked abstract to other people but I knew it was the real image of that specific paint stroke. The best part of this experiment was that the models and the artworks on canvas were painted with the same paint pigment,
which automatically classified them not as copies but as highly realistic originals.

The unbelievable textures of the acrylic paint, its reflectiveness and softness make me rethink the function of the paint strokes models. I increased their size and made them look as sculptures made of paint.

Paint Stroke #7, 12X5X3 in, 2015
Paint Stroke #7, 12X5X3 in, 2015
This and other experiments with paint took place in my studio between 2013 and 2016. A part of them was exhibited from April to the end of May in Terrace Gallery of the Orlando City Hall and had good acceptance from public and critique.
Nedko Bucev
9520 Gotha Rd. Windermere
Orlando, FL
North America

M: +1 4072725426

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