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Kira Lynn Harris

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Waterfall, 2005,  installation, PS1/MoMA
Waterfall, 2005, installation, PS1/MoMA
An artist whose work posits an intersection of the formal concerns of space, light and the phenomenological with issues of individual subjectivity, Kira Lynn Harris is based in New York City. A member of the artist group, Nomads and Residents, she was a 2001 – 2002 Artist in Residence at the Studio Museum in Harlem. Other residencies include Art Omi and the Center for Photography at Woodstock. Ms. Harris exhibits her art widely and her work has been favorably reviewed in New York Times and the Los Angeles Times among other publications. Kira Lynn Harris is a graduate of the California Institute of the Arts and completed the Whitney Independent Study Program in 1999.
Waterfall, 2005, site specific installation PS1
Waterfall, 2005, site specific installation PS1
"My projects often provide a disorienting encounter for the viewer: in my installations I am concerned with destabilization and re-orientation. To achieve this I often create architectural and environmental interventions – by using light and reflective surfaces; by inverting subject and object or figure and ground; and / or by reversing up and down, exterior and interior."
From artist statement
Crescendo, 2006
Crescendo, 2006
Point of Entry, Detail 1
Point of Entry, Detail 1
Falling Up, 2003, mirror installation
Falling Up, 2003, mirror installation
With Waterfall (2005), an installation in P.S.1's south stairwell, Harris intends "to call the viewer's attention to a space that is, like hallways and corridors, a place to pass through, with little concentration on the space itself: a stairwell originally intended as a simple passageway." Silver Mylar "streams" down the steps to one side of the viewer as he or she passes through the space, illuminated by simple track lighting from above. In the corners of landings triangles of Mylar sheathed plywood are clustered together to open and deepen otherwise terminal spaces. The effect created is magical, and encourages renewed attention to P.S.1's native architecture. Notably, Harris' shining, reflective materials highlight the building's signature, often peeling, painted brick walls, casting a new glow on history.

Alanna Heiss, PS 1, 2005

In 2005, Elisa Monte Dance premiered Via Sacra a ballet in three parts at the Joyce Theater in New York. This work, choreographed by Elisa Monte, featured lighting by Clifton Taylor and three set designs by Kira Lynn Harris. Via Sacra is being performed internationally. This was Ms. Harris’ first collaborative project as well as her first project for the stage.
Psyche's Journey, Via Sacra set design
Harris’s sets correspond to the mood of each act and her collaboration with the lighting director, Clifton Taylor, is vitally important to their effect. The sets also directly come together with Harris’s past work with Mylar® and they function as huge abstract paintings that link Minimalism, color field painting, and light installations. They very much operate in the arena of the Sublime with a capital “S.”

Essential Light
Susan Isaacs, 2005
Kira Lynn Harris
New York, NY
New York
North America


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