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Jesse Pasca

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Landscape: Search and Shelter
Landscape: Search and Shelter
In Healing Triad (below) Pasca again is looking at how one aligns oneself in the world, sifting through ones desires, intentions, and perceptions in relationship to a world that can shift as our perceptions shift. The awareness, or 'attunement' to a proper alignment is amorphous and often fleeting, yet discoverable. How do we balance 'risk' and comfort? The tree as image that is often used is both the organic, the alignment with nature(in a broad range of possibilities) or referencing the "Sadratu'l-Muntahá" - from the arabic- which loosly translated is, "The tree beyond which there is no passing". There are places we can not see- dark matter, dark energies comprise most of the universe.. how much we rely on as known, that may not be.
Moore's Law: III of IV (Kindness)
In "Search and Shelter", like much of his work, Jesse Pasca explores the question, "How shall we live." For him, it is personal. How might we prioritize, order, and become aware of what is essential? The orientation and 'sedimentation' (layering) of imagery offer a space for "one's path" to be imagined or challenged.
Healing Triad, 2007
Healing Triad, 2007
Instrument(al) Faith
Instrument(al) Faith
Untitled Landscape (Topo)
Untitled Landscape (Topo)
The Moore’s Law series: Background- Gordon Moore- a co-founder of INTEL, observed that the power of microchips doubled essentially every 18 months, given the same physical dimensions and cost to produce it. Over time this proved true every two years and became dubbed as Moore's Law. To date, processing power has doubled every two years since 1965! This is interesting stuff to Pasca, but his exploration of technology has more to do with creating an invitation- to the viewer to imagine a NEW circuitry- of human potential.
In the image above, you are seeing over 9,000 “Kindnesses” hand written. Jesse is interested in making time visible, rather than ‘deletable’ with a mouse click. The simple question- could I be twice as kind next year, in two years.. could transform the energies in our activity. The human creative force is the transformative energy- and can be grown, or developed to imagine new uses for human potential. The work above- is Pt III of IV in this one piece
This piece to the right-is the First in the Moore's Law Kindness piece- The fourth one is in progress and will be posted relatively shortly. (The forth is a 50-60 hour drawing)
Moore's Law: I of IV (Kindness)
In Instrument(al) Faith, Pasca spoke about his process imagining the John F. Kennedy Jr. Plane crash. JFK Jr was not instrument rated for low visibility conditions on his way to Martha's Vinyard.. he spoke of the idea of 'trusting' an instrument to help navigate a course. In terms of awareness- what might be some "instruments" that we could, or should rely on?
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