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Jaishri Abichandani

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I produce material and ephemeral works that examine that examine, subvert and generate power
by exploring the relationships between individual and collective selves and their effect on society.
My dual practices of art and cultural production manifest as installations, objects, videos, performances and exhibitions. Primarily a political artist, my work integrates multiple aesthetics reflecting my identities as a feminist South Asian American artist.

I belong to communities that include artists, activists and academics, many of whom I engage in communal artistic creation thus being equally invested in process oriented and conceptual strategies in my practice. The works I create are thus a community of ideas, techniques and interactions between people with the aim of catalyzing dialogues between contemporary art audiences and a broader public. In addition to producing images and objects, I create a cultural context for my work by activating democratic feminist networks and curating exhibitions. My initiatives have resulted in the formation of collectives for South Asian women artists in London, San Francisco and New York. The New York City based chapter, ( is now eleven years old and a membership of over 1100 women.

The work presented here are selections from two current bodies of work, "Reconciliations and “Signs of the Times” with source materials culled from the internet and media sources. Signs of the Times reflects on the current conditions of violence in American society from my particular gendered and racial perspective. We are surrounded by male- dominated rhetoric of war while half of the population is silenced on the issue - my work resists this through the inclusion and examination of the various roles women are playing, weather as passive spectators, avid protestors or perpetrators of violence themselves. The real and imagined bodies of women in this series moves from soldiers to bombers, veterans to victims using animation, performance, paintings and video.

New York, NY
Brooklyn NY
New York
North America


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