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The falling Shadow in the Hidden Garden, Tramway,
The falling Shadow in the Hidden Garden, Tramway,
My main interest/concern is to question and challenge common visual perception and the shared concept of object and space in the practice of contemporary visual art. How we perceive the natural world and come to believe in it in our own individual ways fascinates me. In my work I tried to articulate the possibilities in the process of “perceiving” and “mis-perceiving” through a more personal and subjective approach, which is ultimately ambiguous and poetic. I create objects that occupy a distorted space within a visible space. As a sculptor and installation artist, I attempt to create a partially indefinable sculptural sensibility of the material world that is “realistic” and “imaginary” at the same time.
The rain of Glasgow is mischievous..., and I lost
The rain of Glasgow is mischievous..., and I lost
When I was a teenager, I always spent my evening with the sunset on the seaside. I knew that the moment when the sun takes in her last breath, the sea is black, a visible black before turning into total darkness. The ship, the island, and even the cloud became part of the black sea, before the darkness took over every free space, and the Night was approaching.
The Wind, My Wave, and A Night
The Wind, My Wave, and A Night
#20, A Cloud, Her Darkness, and My Rainforest.
#20, A Cloud, Her Darkness, and My Rainforest.
The Flood, A Tree
The Flood, A Tree

The rain of Glasgow is mischievous, the black cloud is always following me wherever I go, and I lost my shadow.

My cast shadow is a mysteriously reduced form that owns its outline as a black unified image to I myself. It is simply an act to compress a full-length writing note to the depiction of a title. I lost my identity.

I choose to fall into the darkness, a darkness that a black cloud preserves for her shadow. I decided to conduct a magic black cloak to reunify my feature and sense. A black knitted object that cover up my whole body has presented an overlapping image within the shadow’s volume (black cloud) and the darkness’s volume (myself) three-dimensionally, it occupies the physical visual space as an object, and it present to the viewer a partially indefinable image of I myself. Can I suggest this condition as “Partially Indefinable sculptural Sensibility”?

The winter evening of Kelvingrove Park is spectacular. The outlines of a housing estate on the hillside begin to merge with the park, the trees, and eventually it presents to me a dramatic outline between the Night on Earth and the Night in the sky.
 The Second Table
The Second Table
I am a darkness/shadow/myself in motion, and I become a ‘black hole’ in the viewer’s pictorial sensibility; an unperceived space/ a void which where I am. I am creating a black object/image that deliver a distorted ‘black space’ within a visible space. Therefore, I am virtually and aesthetically presenting the illusion of Becoming Space of Object, Becoming Object of Space that has been discussed in part one.
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