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Anne-Marie Giroux

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Anne-Marie Giroux lives and works in Montreal. Holder of a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University and grant holder from Canada Council for the Arts, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, National Film Board of Canada and Prim centre d’arts médiatiques, Anne-Marie Giroux is a multidisciplinary artist who has worked a dozen years in contemporary dance, experimental film and art video before focusing her practice on visual arts. If she now uses a different form of expression, her central concerns remain similar. She is primarily interested in the poetic expression, which, upstream of the pictorial or sculptural work, can lay the groundwork for formal explorations. In the heart of her artistic research, the « body-matter » (« corps-matière »), which she defines through the relationship between the body, the movement, the being and the material. If she first followed this approach with practices of movement (dance, film and video), she now undertakes by the continuity of it through painting and sculpture.

As a choreographer - performer - film director and videographer, she has first co-directed the art video LE TOIT. Broadcasted in Montreal, France, Belgium and Spain, the art video was awarded a Special Jury Mention at the Festival Internacionale Cidade de Vigo in Spain in 1993. In 1995, she created and performed on stage the solo work PASSAGE, a work combining dance, sculpture and film. In 1997, she cocreated the work MODULUS 5 in close collaboration with visual artist painter and sculptor Jérôme Poirier. Combining dance and sculpture, the work was performed on stage by both artists. In 1999 she began to create AUBE ET CRÉPUSCULE, a work combining dance, sculpture and sound. Performed by dancers Rachel Harris, Robert Meilleur and Maya Ostrofsky, AUBE ET CRÉPUSCULE was premiered in Montreal at Studio de l'Agora de la Danse in November 2001.

It is in 2010, following a trip in China where she spent some time in the city of Kaifeng, that the artist presented her first solo exhibition in Montreal. Greatly inspired by this unique city, which was the capital of China a thousand years ago, she presented two series of paintings entitled Série no.1 ROUGE and Série no.2 KAIFENG, CHINA.

In 2013, she was part of the group exhibitions SQUARE and ADIEU SEPTEMBER at the SPACE WOMb Gallery in Long Island City, NY USA. She also participated in the group show DOCUMENTA USA at MONA, Museum of New Art in the Detroit area, Michigan USA.

In October 2013, she presented her solo exhibition project QUAND LA MATIÈRE PREND CORPS at the ESPACE PROJET art contemporain + design in Montreal. A project combining the two series of paintings and sculptures she has been working on since 2011. Greatly influenced by the Abitibi forest, (northern Quebec), she features works in two and three dimensions developed from traditional mediums as well as recovering materials from.

In 2014, she will be part of the group exhibitions SPRING ART MARKET (April) and MONOCHROME (July) in the new space gallery of the SPACE WOMb GALLERY in New York City, NY USA.

Anne-Marie Giroux is now working on a new exhibition project entitled ABSTRACTION OR CLIMATE CHANGE?.

Anne-Marie Giroux
North America


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