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Anne-Marie Giroux

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ANNE-MARIE GIROUX is a Montréal-based multidisciplinary artist. Her practice focuses on the visual arts, although previously she worked primarily in the intersection of contemporary dance, sculpture, film, and art video. She earned her BFA from Concordia University and is a provincially and nationally awarded artist. Although she is now immersed in a different form of expression, certain central concerns remain constant. Giroux is interested in poetic expression that, beyond the specifics of pictorial or sculptural work, allows her to lay the groundwork for formal explorations. At the heart of her artistic research is her engagement in the relationship between the body, movement, material and states of being, what she calls “body matter”. Prior observations through movement practices, are now pursued through painting and sculpture.

In 2010, following a trip in the city of Kaifeng in China, the artist created two series of paintings entitled ROUGE and KAIFENG, CHINA. Without following a specific theme for those works, she oriented her research through the exploration of the multiple interpretations inspired by the same subject.

In 2011, Giroux undertook the series SI UN ARBRE J’ÉTAIS and FORÊT MORTE. Greatly inspired by the Abitibi forest in northern Québec, she created works in two and three dimensions developed from traditional mediums, as well as from recycled materials. With the first series, SI UN ARBRE J’ÉTAIS, she merges the body and wood material in an abstraction that evokes more of a state of being than a figurative representation. She seems to isolate a fragment of the body in movement that abandons its usual aesthetic to take on the appearance of something plant-like. In these self-portraits, the being and the natural element become one. In the second series, the artist presents a series of still lifes, composed of painted forests, remnants of the Abitibi woods and objects found on the street. FORÊT MORTE evokes more the idea of the potential vulnerability of the forest: a powerful presence that could someday be weakened or completely disappear. The series SI UN ARBRE J'ÉTAIS can refer both to a past or present state of the body while the series FORÊT MORTE tends toward what has already lived, already existed.

This research lead to the presentation of her first solo exhibition entitled QUAND LA MATIÈRE PREND CORPS in 2013 at the art gallery ESPACE PROJET in Montréal.

In the United States, she took part in group shows at the SPACE WOMb Gallery in New York, including SQUARE and ADIEU SEPTEMBER in 2013, followed by SPRING ART MARKET and MONOCHROME in 2014. Other recent group shows were set at MONA, the Museum of New Art in Detroit, including DOCUMENTA USA in 2013, and the SELFIE SHOW in May 2015.

In Spring 2015, the artist presented a solo exhibition at the GALERIE LUZ in Montréal. She was also part of the Auction sale - Exhibition PARLE-MOI D’AMOUR presented by LES IMPATIENTS at the Wellington Centre in Montréal. In October 2015, she took part of the group show THE NEXT BIG THING at MONA, the Museum of New Art in Detroit and participated at the DESTRUCT'ART event at the gallery ESPACE PROJET in Montréal.

Anne-Marie Giroux is currently working on a new project entitled DRIFT OR CLIMATE CHANGE? ...a project through which the artist will present a critical view of the drift of the human being facing its environment.

Anne-Marie Giroux
North America


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