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Rebecca E. Chamberlain

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This body of work began with the medium, ballpoint pen ink. I started to extract the ink from the pens many years ago and took some years, while I concentrated on assembling environments under glass domes, to find the right subject to paint. My attraction to American interiors of the 1930s is long. It began with a love for the general life style depicted in films of that period when I was very young. This is the way most people of the time actually came to be sold this life style as well. Upon studying the interiors themselves, without the charismatic characters and their snappy repartee filling the space, I found a certain relief in their solitude. They are spaces that seem to hold hopefulness, keeping out the tension of a world hanging between two world wars.
Meyercord Corner Office 1938 - Blue, 28 3/4 x 37
Meyercord Corner Office 1938 - Blue, 28 3/4 x 37
corner Office, 2005, Ballpoint ink, Alcohol on coa
corner Office, 2005, Ballpoint ink, Alcohol on coa
Lounge 1939, 2005 & Reception, 2004
Lounge 1939, 2005 & Reception, 2004
Rebecca Elbridge Chamberlain has cut herself a wide path. Whether designing the furniture and exterior for PUSH jewelry in lower Manhattan, designing men's knit wear for Old Navy, exhibiting her sculptures in New York and across the United States, or lending her voice to musical projects from rock to ambient performance ensembles, Chamberlain brings a freshness to each project, stemming from her many interests.

Rebecca started her first clothing line, IOTA, while still an undergraduate at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her fascination with high concept clothing led her to front several other lines, including Elbridge, a women's clothing line sold at department stores such as Bendel's in Manhattan, a second and similiar Canadian backed line; Wares and now a resort line for Mella. Her travels during a tenure as men's wear designer for Old Navy influenced her ongoing sculptural project, broadly entitled Kawii/ Tete a Tete. The Kawii sculptures - based on collected ephemera and Victorian diorama - have been shown since 1999 at exhibitions in Santa Fe, NM, Philadelphia and New York . The series can currently be seen at David Allen Gallery ( a Herman Miller furniture dealer on Smith street) Brooklyn. Through the Kawaii series, Chamberlain received a commission to direct the redesign of Push jewelry in lower Manhattan (alongside the store's owners; furniture designer, Frank Ford and jewelry designer, Karen Karch) expanding her sculptural work to furniture and interior design. Upon completion of the PUSH project Chamberlain turned to drawing and painting again. She was included in a group show at 31 Grand curated by fellow artist Adam Stennett and currently has a show at Agenzia04, a gallery that will represent her in Bologna, Italy
In addition to her visual projects, Chamberlain also performed as lead singer for Research (Electra Records) and for the installation art/performance/musical trio, Infant Reader. From 1996 to 2001, Infant Reader worked extensively in New York and Philadelphia, both independently and as part of the Fringe Festival and the Art Exchange, with help from Philip Glass' label, Point Records. In addition to continuing to record with Infant Reader, Chamberlain now lends her voice and persona to Maxi Geil! & PlayColt, an art world-based rock/performance group. Most recently the band performed live in Titus 1 at MoMA following the premier of Nausea II (the feature length video starring Chamberlain and her Husband, writer and Director, Guy Richards Smit).

House at Brno 1938, 2006, Ballpoint ink, Alcohol o
House at Brno 1938, 2006, Ballpoint ink, Alcohol o
95 South 2nd st. #2l
NY 11211
New York, NY
New York
North America

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