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Marta Edmisten

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Diary page, pinkpussypanties
Diary page, pinkpussypanties is a project I began by making a web site purporting to be three 18-year-old girls selling their used panties online. I had a lot of competition from existing businesses so I did my best to make the site appear amateur, cute, visually modest, pink, full of typos. It features three personas based on popular pornographic stereotypes – the virgin, the girl next door,the schoolgirl, the Asian girl, the slut, and the lesbian. The web site contains complex story lines, photos, bios, and explicit diary entries from each girl. Each $25 order received a pair of used panties, a polaroid of the girl wearing the panties (really taken on a mannequin), and a personal response letter. My main goal was to receive physical correspondence in the form of a request letter from each customer. The site did not accept credit cards forcing purchasers to mail their
Image 2: Peter request
Image 2: Peter request
preferences along with a money order. Copies of the sent items: carbons of the responses written by the “girls”, identical pairs of panties in zip-lock bags and dupes of the polaroids are housed in pink satin lined boxes with the original letter; sort of a keepsake or documentation of the transaction.
Image 4: Margeret response to Peter
Image 4: Margeret response to Peter
Image 5: Louis request letter
Image 5: Louis request letter
Image 6: Jess response to Louis
Image 6: Jess response to Louis
Image 1: Home and Diary pages, pinkpussypanties.comImage 2: Peter Request: “Dear Margaret, Wear your white cotton panties and rub your hot virgin pussy until you soak them. I can’t wait to suck them while I jack off. Your diary is the hottest of all. I think about fucking virgins whenever I’m horny. Please send them as fast as you can. Peter P.S. Send photo of you in the panties and a short skirt.” Image 3: Margaret response to Peter: “Dear Peter your letter was great especiall the drawings. It really made me hot thinking about you sucking them while you jerk off. Last night I rubbed my pussy through my panties until they were totally wet and then I played with my swoolen clit until I came. I had to grit my teeth so that I didn’t screem. I kept on cumming thinking about what you’d do with them. I think that you’ll be really happy with them. I’m glad that you like my diary entries - there’s something really hot about being such a slut and a virgin at the same time! Luv, Margaret” Image 4: Louis request: “I like the full white ones. Come in them please. This is the only way I can stop from cheating masterbating If this is true forever customer...Louis” Image 5: Jess response to Louis: “Dear Louis, I think I found the perfect panties for you. I wore these to school yesterday and just knowing about my secret made me so hot! I snuck off to the girls room and when I got my jeans off I realized that I was already wet - I touched myself for just a minute or two ...
I was worried that I’d have a wet spot on my jeans. Once I got to bed last night I pulled out my vibrator and put it to good use. The vibrator on my clit through my panties made my nipples hard and I came and came again until I fell asleap (heart) Jess” Image 6: Jess polaroid for Louis
Image 3: Jess polaroid for Louis
Image 3: Jess polaroid for Louis
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Marta Edmisten
New York, NY
New York
North America


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