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Judite dos Santos

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 Khajuraho, PS1-NYC
Khajuraho, PS1-NYC
Judite dos Santos was born in Porto, Portugal and was raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. She has lived in New York City since 1975, returning frequently to Europe and Brasil. She received a BFA in painting from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1984 and an MFA from the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University in 1986. For the next two years she was a studio fellow at the Whitney Museum Independent Studies Program and a member of the P.S.1 Program at the Clocktower, in downtown NYC. She has continued to pursue independent studies in critical theory and cultural studies and has taught at various universities abroad, Parsons School of Design in N.Y. and City University of New York since 1989. Judite is an interdisciplinary artist and a neo-
Promessas, Torre de Menagem, Braga
Promessas, Torre de Menagem, Braga
conceptualist. She is, however, unconstrained by any one tradition and has pursued a philosophical interrogation of the human relation with reality. Phenomenology is of great interest to her. She believes that the human experience is the true source of human knowledge.and the real is an endless permutation of many realities, demanding continuous observation and negotiation of daily experience.
Times Square, NYC (Public Art Fund)
Times Square, NYC (Public Art Fund)
Times Square
Times Square
Times Square
Times Square
She understands art as the event that takes place in the space between the work and the viewer. Her use of metaphor, ritual, site, media and materials, language and context focus on that moment when the body of the viewer in space/architectural space encounters the work, and all becomes an integral part of the experience. ‘Our body is not primarily in space it is of it‘, ( M.Merleau-Ponti) is a statement that Judite considers to be important in her life and work, She has used photographic images as multiples using the grid as metaphor to create narrative structures. Architectural space, site and context have been central to her pieces and metaphor, ritual, place, materials, process and the interconnected elements all feature prominently in her work. She works with paintings and drawings, three-dimensional objects and photography, often incorporating sound and image projections in her installations since l98l. She has received two grants from the Gulbenkian Foundation in Portugal and has collaborated with specialists in different fields, particularly archeology, to further the research required for some of her work. One such on-going project includes researching megalithic stones in Portugal while photographing women who
reside in areas surrounding the megalithic sites.Judite has received grants from NYFA, NJSCA, NEA-Mid Atlantic, Gulbenkian Foundation and Pollock/Krasner Foundation among others. She has exhibited extensively since 1984. In New York her work has been shown at the Whitney Museum, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, the Bronx Museum, PS1 Museum (now affiliated with MoMA), and the Electronic Board at Times Square through the Public Art
Stones, Studio, NYC
Stones, Studio, NYC
Electronic Board at Times Square through the Public Art Fund. She has also exhibited work at the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon, the Centro Portugues de Fotografia in Porto, Museu da Fotografia in Braga, Portugal and at various other galleries in the United States and abroad.
New York, NY
New York
North America


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