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Gregory King

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Cache  •  pencil on paper  •  21 x 31 inches
Cache • pencil on paper • 21 x 31 inches
At the core of my work is the desire to engage perception, to visually interpret both the fundamental material and spiritual dimensions of the world, to navigate the possibilities of how these are distinct and yet intertwined, and to recognize art as a potent means through which to experience and connect the two. I am compelled to create paintings, drawings, films,videos, photographs, and combinations of such media to produce visual experiences of poignant content and immanent meaning, which also focus one's ability to observe and respond to the environment as a physical and metaphysical entity.
Transfiguration • oil • 60 x 11in
Transfiguration • oil • 60 x 11in
Dialectic • oil on canvas • 30 x 30 inches
Dialectic • oil on canvas • 30 x 30 inches
Light Collector • oil • 46 x 69 inches • 2003
Light Collector • oil • 46 x 69 inches • 2003
Diegesis • oil • 48 x 38 inches • 2003
Diegesis • oil • 48 x 38 inches • 2003
Much of my work involves the act of poetically transforming the infinitely complex interactionsbetween humanity and the environment. This is intriguing for me in terms of the ‘constructed’ and the ‘unintentional,’ such as how architecture, the urban grid, and the systematic or indiscriminate ‘marks’ made by society- interact with and compose transitory landscapes and physically profound spaces. It is not a matter of factually reiterating what already physically exists, but how these forms and networks allow for a visual dimension that engages theimagination in time, embodying the terrain of the mind within the broader ‘environments’ that surround us all, be they psychical, spiritual, social, technological or natural. My recent work is characterized by intensive compositions of space and light where architectural and technological environments fuse to form metaphysical ‘landscapes behind the landscape.’ I am also investigating a dialogue between painting and time-based works, where qualities or visual components of each are directly incorporated into the structure of the other as ruminations on the shifting nature of perception.
In the end, I'm attempting to use the complexities of the modern world against their propensity for disjunction and spiritual distraction. It is my hope that my work leads towards visual and temporal experiences that both take the viewer away from the depleting aspects of the mundane, while resituating them firmly in a world to be celebrated for its immeasurable and mysterious beauty.
Gregory King
230 14th Street
NY 11215
New York, NY
New York
North America

T: +1 646-303-6675
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