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Elina Jokipii

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Untitled (from the Finnish Civil War)
Untitled (from the Finnish Civil War)
A lot of my work deals with ideas around memory and trauma. I am interested in the idea of examining and maybe resolving some issues from the past by remembering, reliving and re-enacting the past. I often use staging and re-enactment to blur the boundaries of past and present, here and there. I try to communicate ideas and make a point in a visual form using photography and video. I am fascinated by photographyıs ability to capture the fleeting moment yet present it as a slow, fixed image.

Untitled (from the Finnish Civil War)
Untitled (from the Finnish Civil War)
In the birth positions project I have tried to visualise some of the changes in the attitudes and practices around pregnancy and childbirth in the last few decades. I wanted to reveal some of the choices women have been given and the diversity of experiences women have had when giving birth. The advancement of medicine has brought about a lot of positive changes but also some worrying trends. The highly medicalised, pathologising view of the body and its functions, even ones formerly considered quite natural, has led to some women feeling under constraint and control in a situation that should overall be a happy event in their lives. I have interviewed and photographed women of different ages asking them to describe their birthing experiences and to re-enact the position they gave birth in. The photographs are titled with the name of the woman and the year they gave birth i.e. the year they were describing.

In the ongoing project about the Finnish Civil War of 1918 I have used models to stage scenes from the war, some purely imaginary, some copied from archival photographs. My aim is to invoke the past and to examine ways of visually working through traumatic events in history. I also want to capture ordinary moments that might have happened, fill in the gaps, imagine moments that didnıt get recorded. It is a means of exorcising the past, an attempt to relive it, hang on to it and let go of it all at the same time. The project has also included interviewing people of different ages and backgrounds on their views and knowledge of the Civil War to try and find out when a traumatic event just becomes names and dates, when the personal connection to history becomes diluted and is lost or abandoned.
Lisa 1986
Lisa 1986

United Kingdom

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