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Calanit Schachner

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A statement about the project “space”:The project is a collaborative practice between a totally blind man and me whom tried to investigate the concept of vision, perception and blindness trough the photographic medium. Through the process, I was trying to question about the ‘sight’ of the visually impaired person towards me. In order to do this, I am trying to create a dialog between myself as a photographer and one whose vision and sight is my tool on one hand, and the visually impaired person who “sees” and “views” things in a different way on the other hand.

I am also intrigued by the question of where my place is as a viewer, in the trio relationship between the visually impaired, myself (as a photographer) and the outside (the viewer).I am creating a dialogue between myself and the visually impaired person with whom I am in contact. Our dialogue takes place via a series of Images where both sides take an active part as photographers.To create an equal environment for the visually impaired person and for myself, I have developed a technique to “Blind the Camera”. As using this technique, the images appeared as a texture. The visually impaired person “sees” objects from very close range, by feeling for changes in surface texture. This texture is his image, close up and personal. At this, close range and great magnification, the image becomes about texture. The digital grain is very apparent and the image is not distinct. This should force viewer to search the surface for information, much as the visually impaired person does. By blinding the camera, both the blind person and I use it in the same way. Namely, we can both only aim it in the general direction of our subject. I am creating an impediment to my photographic sense. I want to influence the conditions under which I look at the photographs, hence, I work with the visual impaired person in order to explore the issue of how he “sees” Spaces, how he “sees” me and vice versa.

impaired person in order to explore the issue of how he “sees” Spaces, how he “sees” me and vice versa.The embodiment of the project divided to two series of works:1. Portraiture works of the visually impaired person and me (We are taking pictures of each other through the “Blind Camera”).2. Images of spaces; how the visually impaired person feels and captures spaces, which are surrounding him.The works are B/w inject prints on a Watercolour paper heavy matt, 106 cm X 160 cm each.

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