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"Re-title is great! We always get in touch with talented artists. Our last artist in residente Cristina Molina got to know us from Re-Title and we have created a wonderful project together."
Alicia Candiani, Founder & Director
Proyecto´ace, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
"I've had several collectors, visitors, etc. commenting that they saw Marlene Mocquet's listing from the ( newsletter."
Yasha Wallin, Co-Director
Freight + Volume, New York
"This service has been great. My first solo show- at Lital Mehr's Gallery in Chelsea, NYC went very well. She was introduced to my work through re-title."
Jesse Pasca, Artist, New York
"The service has been very useful this year. Well done for maintaining professionalism and standard of delivery."
Giles Eldridge, Artist, London
"Thanks again, and keep up the good work with re-title, I have had quite a few very good opportunities arise through my subscription."
Paul Flannery, Artist, London
"It's very cool to really have a site that truly helps artists.
Thank you,"
Adrienne Outlaw, Artist, Nashville TN
"Just wanted to thank you for helping me reconnect with an artist friend in the u.s. with whom i had lost touch. It is heartening to know that there remain people in the world who aren't afraid of doing things old school style when the cause is just! you are my heroes!"
Paula Ross, visual artist, Berlin
"I admire re-title for its innovation and great ease of use. Excellent job! Looks very good. is cutting edge"
Lloyd Gill, Gallerist
The Lloyd Gill Gallery, Weston-Super-Mare
"I always use re-title as the ultimate reference. You guys have been spot on for every inquiry. Plus I know you throughly check for fraud which, as an artist, I couldn't ask for more....thanks again!!"
Caitlin Masley, Artist, New York
"You won't believe how efficient and responsive re-title is in comparison to other sites. Thank you so much."
Grace Graupe-Pillard, Artist, New York
"Thank you very much for the great service and continued benefits one gets from your site."
Sharlene Khan, Artist, Johannesburg, South Africa
Great web site by the way...
Susan E. Mackell, Development
Brooklyn International Film Festival
"...we've heard very good things about re-title."
Julio Bonet
Missing In Action Films
"I want to let you know, Leo Chiachio & Daniel Giannone were contacted through re-title and invited to an exhibition in St Petersburg."
Maria Carolino Baulo, writer, Buenos Aires
"This self-edit site is the best of the global online resources in my opinion. Clean design, lightning fast navigation, and depth make it a fun, unconfusing, and enjoyable resource. It's totally independent, and geared toward a wide audience, including artists, gallerists, curators, collectors, writers, etc. It puts its efforts where its mouth is with regards to being artist centric."
Ed Winkleman, Director
Winkleman Gallery, New York
"As an independent Curator and Director of MOT, I find re-title to be a trusted platform for viewing artist's work online. I always tell prospective artists not to send material to the gallery as we prefer to first view a link to a website. When this link is to a re-title artist's pages, I feel secure in the knowledge that it is a recognised site and I won't have to wade through pages of unnecessary material."
Chris Hammond, Director
" has increasing become an important resource to post our gallery listing listings and artist images as well as a resource for us to explore current art world events and happenings. Interested curators, collectors, and art aficionados have come to us through re-title, reaching a demographic that we couldn't otherwise with our own online presence. re-title's staff make the extra effort to ensure all our information is posted accurately and in a timely matter."
Yasha Wallin, Co-Director
Freight + Volume, New York
"re-title is one of our favorite art resources on the web! The clean design and easy usability makes it the most convenient places to go for information on artists. We love that you can specify the genre and region (down to the very city) that you are interested in - it makes pouring through endless lists a thing of the past! The diversity of artists and organizations that re-title presents appeals to an incredibly broad audience of art enthusiasts. In addition to the website, has a themed newsletter that has been great for increased visibility of our gallery. The personal help they provide has made us feel even more confident in re-title's efficacy and breadth as we've set up a presence within their site."
Janet Levy, Director
See Line Gallery, Los Angeles
" is a wonderful resource for artists, dealers, and collectors. It's a comprehensive directory and they're really responsive and great to work with -we are glad to be part of it."
Ron Segev, Co- Director
Thierry Goldberg Projects, New York
"Just wanted to say that your service is one of the best art selectors I've had the pleasure to scan."
Paul Hasegawa-Overacker
"re-title is something I've been waiting a long time for: a page which lists what's on in the world of the visual arts internationally. [...] The interface is clean and practical and there's a reasonable depth of detail on either the artist or the show listed. [...] .. I'm glad re-title exists, and I'll certainly be using it to plan my forthcoming trips to London, Paris and New York"
Imomus, (Nick Currie)
Artist, Paris
"Keep up the good re-title work, you have created a wonderful online database of exhibitions."
Steven Zinger, Director
ZINGERpresents, Amsterdam
" is a tremendous asset to anyone interested in art internationally."
Sandhini Poddar,
Curator, New York
"Damn your site is impressive. Thanks so much. I love getting all the updates."
"I was just looking over the website and it looks fantastic! Just wanted you to know."
Jayne Lawrence & Leigh Anne Lester
cactusbraspace, San Antonio, TX
"Really is a fantastic website, I am using it as curator (g39) for research."
Anthony Shapland, Artist, Curator, Gallerist
G39, Cardiff, Wales
"We did use quite a bit actually when looking for potentials for our Art Prize! [...] Your website is the best!"
Pierre Coinde, Artist, Curator, Gallerist
Centre of Attention, London
"I've been following your site and I must congratulate you on its growth!"
Manuela Paz
Project Coordinator, VIP Program, The Armory Show, Inc
"You and re-title gave us some amazing exposure, and I am very grateful! Hopefully your listing has helped us touch and inspire artists throughout the world, and to foster make positive change in our current un-happy, dangerous and anti-inspirational world!"
Michele Gambetta
RIDER Project founder, Brooklyn, NY
"We've had a good response and are very pleased with your project and the newsletter!"
Sven Humphrey, Artist, New York
"One of the reason's I sought out re-title was exactly as you said- it's high traffic; where as another artist directory in the years I've been posted there has done little to imply much traffic, but in contrast, I have friends who have been invited to exhibitions after having work on re-title for only a few months. That is amazing. Thank you for your exceptional service."
Amze Emmons, Artist, Philadelphia, PA
"re-title is one of the best designed and easily accessible web sites of artists works, artists opportunities and world art events I have seen. The work on the site is also of the highest caliber and I have utilized the site both as an artist and curator. I recently used the site for a show I organized in New York City called Urban Decay and found four artists for the show from the site.

Three of the artist who where in Urban Decay will be in another show I'm organizing called Dark Nature opening in September. The founder of Re-Title Rachel Hinde is also very professional, quick to respond and has created a great resource for artists and arts professionals to access for free. Thank you so much!"
Leah Oates, Artist, Curator, Brooklyn, NY
"I really appreciate re-title and all your effort to artists. Thanks to access to re-title, a curator in Los Angeles was able to locate me for a show going up this month."
Darrell James Fusaro, Artist, Los Angeles, CA
"You are really taking good care of your subscribers."
Renate Aller, Artist, New York
"The information you send out re-shows and artists opportunities/grants etc. is extremely good and I keep really alert to it and have used it quite often. I have also received a few requests originated from too."
Judite dos Santos, Artist New York
"Re-title has developed into an excellent platform for my art."
Trevor Guthrie, Artist, Zurich
"Really appreciate your continued support. Still the best exhibitions resource in the world by miles."
Reece Jones, Artist, Founder member of Rockwell Studios and Gallery, London
"Re-title is the best! I think I had gotten a previous show as a result of your website too! Thanks sooo much!"
Adela Leibowitz, Artist, New York, NY
"I recently got an exhibition invitation from Montreal, they said they viewed my work from re-title. com., Just want to say thank you for all your great work, thank you so much!"
Pan Ping-Yu, Taipei
"I have got opportunities from re-title. It seems like a lot of curators are looking at it. [...] .....I have actually been contacted a lot, thanks to re-title."
Sigga Bjorg Sigurdardottir, Artist, Glasgow, Scotland
"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate re-title! The "Artist Opportunities, Call for Submissions" is very helpful and I've responded to several in the past.... Also, I like that when I do a Google search, my page comes up first!"
Clarke Jackson, Artist, New York
"Your site has just helped connect me to Janice Caswell. I recommended her to LIMN Gallery. I passed her link onto Christine Duval at LIMN and Christine invited her to be in the "Line" show in June. Janice has had a number of exhibitions on the East Coast, but this will be her first exhibit on the West Coast. I might never have seen her work if not for your site. re-title is a very powerful tool/resource."
Rob Strati, Artist, Columbus, OH
"Can I just say I'm really impressed with re-title. Your mail outs etc are really useful, and the site in general is dead smart and very professional. Nice one."
Will Stein, Artist, London
"I've been looking for a long time for an artist internet directory to register with, and yours, by far, is the best (organization, quality of art, etc). ..a very good gallery, saw my work on re-title and will come out for a studio visit - it is nice to attract the eye of such a reputable gallery. Thanks."
Jenny Hager, Artist, Los Angeles, CA
"thank you for your platform, through it i got actually a show in belgium ..."
Wolfgang Flad, Artist, Berlin
"I used re-title to find artists for the show I curated . I will continue to use re-title as a source as the standard is amazing."
Sophie Brown, Artist, Artist, Curator, London
"Razor magazine found my work on re-title and published a profile on my art."
Chris Bors, Artist, New York
"Thank you so much for putting together such a great site. I just applied to one of the open calls and was selected to participate in the Digitalis show at the New Forms Festival in Vancouver! I love the artist opportunities and the monthly updates on the scene. Great work!"
Danielle Mysliwiec, Artist, New York, NY
"Honestly, re-title has been really good for me. I also just had a curator walk into my studio (two weeks ago) with a bunch of prints of work from the internet. . .literally, and I asked her where she got them, and she said, "online somewhere," but they were all from re-title. Anyway, she's showing some of my work this summer in her gallery. [...]

"A critic from Denmark saw my work on re-title and will be including it in a lecture series coming up in Copenhagen. I know re-title has become quite a standout directory (I have work on tons of underutilized websites), so I wanted to share my news with you. Thanks so much for your services!"
Jennifer Wroblewski, Artist, Brooklyn NY
"I really like how re-title has turned out and it has led to a recent job offer for me. I have recommended your site to many artists and I am very impressed with the look and function of the site. Great job!"
Satre Stuelke, Artist, New York, NY
"A curator in Chicago, Ruba Katrib, Program Coordinator for the ThreeWalls gallery contacted me... She saw my work on"
Larissa Fassler, Artist, Berlin
"I have had an exhibition opportunity as a direct result from my listing on the exhibition was called: Revenge of Romance at Temporarycontemporary curated by Sonja Laban, Yason Banal."
Atsuko Sasaki, Artist, London
"The site gets better and better..."
Nelson Santos, Assistant Director, Visual AIDS , New York, NY
"It looks great now and I have been getting some contacts from being on re-title. Thanks for all of your work."
Walter Markham, Artist, Brooklyn, NY
"Curators and people who are just curious or interested have contacted me via re-title. real awesome! I would like to thank you so much for re-title!"
Ernest Concepcion, Artist, Brooklyn
"I have had quite a few hits from the re-title site to my website so am really happy."
Annabel Elgar, Artist, London
"I was invited to participate in the Florence Biennale 2005. The selection committee must have gotten my name through re-title . So many thanks for your re-title web site!"
Brandon Ferebee, Artist, Virginia Beach, DC
"The Google ranking is fantastic!"
Robert Schatz, Artist, New York
"I have had an exhibition as a direct result of people looking at re-title."
Paul Becker, Artist, Berlin
"I have been searching a lot of the work on the site and it is very impressive. A good mix. I am glad to be a part of it."
Michele Colomer, Artist, Brooklyn
"I get quite a few hits on my website from re-title and have had one exhibition opportunity come from it. Glad to be listed!"
Zoe Mendelson, Artist, London
"Very exciting. Visual arts need this sort of global systems aimed at anybody who want to find what they want so badly. I believe people like you are the first ones to bring about a revolutional change in the field. Keep up the good work."
Hiroyuki Hamada, Artist, East Hampton, New York
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